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Urban Legend Watch

Is this a sign that the culture wars are getting people all worked up? One of my friends on the net sent me one of those e-mail petitions trying to save religious TV from being suppressed by Madalyn O'Hair and petition 2493.

Normally, I'd expect an experienced Internet user like Bob to spot that phony-baloney story a mile away. Maybe the current spate of stories about anti-religious and anti-moral moves in society has got him on edge and made him more willing to fall for such an appeal.

But there is no truth to it: poor old O'Hair is dead, and she never tried to get the FCC to ban religious TV. The real petition 2493 didn't involve her and was not an attempt to do that anyway. It sought to bar religious organizations from getting "educational" broadcast licenses. That petition was turned down: in 1975!

Let's stamp out these scare-mongering stories, folks.

"Angela's Ashes" now on sale

I'm a bit of a traditionalist about funerals. Burying people in a fixed place rather than taking their cremated remains home helps avoid this sort of thing.

Consumer Branding


I sent Steve Schultz a note today:

While you're at it, what's your paper-mail address going to be at the seminary?

("Snail mail" isn't a very nice term: I like to think of it as "Mail Classic".)

And the winners are...


For the Arnold quote contest we have two winners.

The quote that Arnold didn't say was:
E) "California doesn't need a tax hike. It needs Gray Davis out of office and teaching politics at a community college."

I made that up. I just like the thought of Gray Davis teaching Civics 101 at the Tumbleweed Campus of Chico State Community College. He could start wearing those blazers with the elbow patches like in the old Spiderman movies.

So here are the winners:

Robin (looks like a Shea from the e-mail address) &
Chris of Maine Catholic

Congrats! The other quotes were found on FoxNews in various articles and on We Love Arnold, a site from the same people that brought us We Love The Iraqi Information Minister.

Who's Like Us?


Found a cool net-toy: according to Google, these sites are similar to ours. The graphic is from TouchGraph. It's fun to just watch the thing draw.

In spite of his personal fondness for Stalin and Stalinism, Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti apparently wasn't quite the perfect dialectical materialist: he had a superstitious side and patronized several consulting magicians. That will provide some interesting stories when it all comes out.

Jesus Tastes Better with Crisco


Being, as you know, the sole licensee of the well-loved ‘Kreative Katholic Kuisine with Sister Nuevo Mary’ cook- (kook?)book, I was appalled, yes, appalled to see the following recipe for Eucharistic Bread lifted from the above mentioned publication and pinned ostentatiously on the bulletin board of Christ the King Church in Abingdon, VA:

Sift Together: 2 c. stirred whole wheat flour
c. sifted white four
tsp baking soda

Cut into above until crumbly: 2 rounded Tbsp. Crisco

Mix into above: 1 c. cold water
1 Tbsp. Honey (generous tbsp.)

(The directions for baking follow. *N.B. for N.O.: Blame them. I just copied it down as I found it.)

Now, I am sure that you have as many questions as I do. First, let me ask the question that all you armchair Mr. Wizards are thinking right now: How DO you make unleavened bread with baking soda? Oh, and is it really true that Crisco was widely available to the Jews when they were first directed to make the Passover bread? What is a generous tablespoon?

Now, of course, for those of you who have some sort of problem with ‘illicit’ and ‘invalid’ matter (what’s wrong with you?) you can see from the pop-up photo below that I took before Mass that BOTH kinds of matter (you know, the valid and the invalid) are available. But how would you make sure you got the Consecrated Host (and not just some bread) when you went up for Communion? When the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (which, for those of you who attend Christ the King and other such churches, is the CORRECT term) holds up that crumbly piece of Harvest Cake and says: “The Body of Christ.” Do you say (politely, of course): “No, its NOT.” Or do you simply say, as if you were at a fine restaurant, “No, I believe I’ll have Jesus, please.”

My husband and I usually go into North Carolina for Mass on Sundays whenever we are visiting in the Diocese of Richmond, but my father had assured us that Christ the King had a new priest.

Well, they didn’t.

The pastor there is still, but not for too much longer, Father Bob Krenic (he’s moving to some other lucky parish at the end of this month. I wonder how his new flock will react to his bag of tricks, such as: skipping the ‘Gloria’ every Sunday, changing the words of the Liturgy to suit his mood, encouraging everyone to join hands as if they were at an ‘Up With People’ rally, generally denying the Catholic faithful their right to the Mass, etc.)

Usually I wouldn’t name the priest or parish involved in such ridiculous and pitiful Liturgical shenanigans, but when I wrote Bishop Walter “French Leave” Sullivan about Fr. Krenic’s kooky Liturgical predilections a few years ago, he assured me (rather frostily too, I might add) that he, the bishop, stood behind him, Fr. Krenic, all the way. So, I figure, if Sullivan is pleased with the big doings in Abingdon, he’ll be happy to have them posted up on the Internet for everyone to see.

View image

Parents Blame Selves for Children's Obesity

"My kid is lazy and overweight. I'm a failure... a terrible parent. I'm so depressed... where are my twinkies?"

Ninety percent of those surveyed were either very concerned or somewhat concerned with child obesity, the survey said.

And the other 10% said, "Get in the car kids, the Hot Donuts Now sign is flashing at Krispy Kreme!"

Moses Blah

Imagine the campaign signs (if there's ever an election)
"Blah for President"
"More Blah"
"Blah Blah Blah"
"Blah More Years"

Question of the day


Could I call having 3 eggs and 6 sausage links a "reasonable breakfast" ?

Amy's moving

Miss Welborn has announced that she'll be moving soon to a new blog service.

Update your links, folks.

Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR was presider and homilist today at the noon Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I had the blessing of attending the Mass and the book signing afterwards. I got my copy of Listening at Prayer signed. Here are some photos. Click on the images to see them full-size.


Picture Day

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This is my dog Eva (the black one) with her best friend Chaka. Both are very pretty muts.

John's dog and friend

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On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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