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The rumor mill

For a few hours this morning, I mentioned a rumor at another site. It turned out to be an exaggeration, so I've removed the reference to it here.

Our concession speech


Wow! What a campaign!

What a great showing! Thank you! Thank you!

First, I'd like to thank every single one of the 64 people who voted for Catholic Light in this great race for the title of Best Catholic Group Blog. Your love has just been a great sustenance to us throughout these weeks, and I am so proud of every one of you for your courage and your fortitude, your prudence and your temperance, and all the other marvelous virtues you showed, day in and day out, throughout this great campaign for the good of the global village. It has truly been an amazing experience.

I want to acknowledge and congratulate our friends at Holy Whapping for their great showing tonight -- yes, they deserve a lot of credit for a fine and hard-fought and fair campaign; that is, unless the voting irregularities observed by our investigators turn out to be provable, in which case you'll be hearing from Pe-- oh, never mind.

Anyway, we still have a mission ahead of us. We have work to do for this weblog, for this audience, for this great Internet stretching across the world, bringing together the posts of our wonderful team and your great comments which together show forth with increased splendor that Light which we are all here to celebrate: the light of the Faith and of its truth and the one Light whom we in our limitations can never fully comprehend and yet which the darkness can never overcome. To that Light who enlightens all men by His quiet coming may there be effervescent glory when He is revealed in endless majesty and unto endless ages!

Good night and God bless you!

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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