Domino's stock sale to fund Ave Maria Fdn


MarketWatch reports that pizza mogul Tom Monaghan is taking Domino's public (DPZ) 44 years after its founding; 3 million of the shares sold will benefit his Ave Maria Foundation with an estimated $45-51M. Congratulations to all involved.


Yay! More ugly churches! Just kidding, it's great news.

Fortunately Mon came around on that and opted for a redesign! Joy reigns!

I thought Mr. Monaghan had sold the company a few years back. How can he offer stock for sale?

I think he stepped down as CEO, but still holds stock in the company.


According to this article, Neither Monahan nor Fessio liked the "greenhouse" design:,2071,NPDN_14940_2993393,00.html

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