Beheading murderers are dead -- that was quick!


God swiftly answered the prayer for vengeance on Paul Johnson's murderers. Thanks be to God. May he have mercy on the three dead terrorists' souls. Let their examples stay the hands of other evil men, and move them to repentance.


yeah--it was "quick" alright...almost too quick.


Are you suggesting that the Saudis just found some undesirables to kill and then label them al-Qaida leaders to appease us Americans?

I think Peter is onto something. Considering the devil's bargain the Saudis struck with Islamists -- you stay out of our kingdom, we pay you through our "charities" and look the other way -- the timing is a little fishy. Recall that the Saudis "found" the Khobar Towers bombers and beheaded all five of them quickly, while refusing to let the FBI question them.

I'm not buying it. How on earth could they find them so quickly after Johnson died and not before?

What? Who?

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