Well done, thou good and faithful servant


Michael Schiavo is honored for serving his master well.


what level of hell are we living in.

Yet another poke in the eye to Terri's family. The Culture of Death can bestow all the certificates, awards and laurels on Schiavo, it doesn't change my regard for him and other such "guardians." They gave laurels to Caligula too.

This makes me literally ill.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners....

Nothing surprises me anymore.

I think it's more a poke at the possible excesses of his opponents. But all in all, not a very meaningful award, eh?

To the contrary, these things matter. Associations like the one in the story exist in order to influence public policy.

This really makes me sick and angry. Yet another hard slap on the face of Terri's family, who have already endured countless humiliations, not the least of which, to see the insulting words of Michael Schiavo on Terri's grave. What a big injustice.

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