Their hearts were darkened

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What else but the blindness caused by sin could lead officials of the University of Western Ontario to offer this man an honorary degree? They want to give the title "Doctor of Laws" to an illegal abortionist, a man who scoffed at laws, a doctor of death who survived the Holocaust in Europe only to add to another one in North America.

What is the University's attempt to make this acceptable? Officials offer to give the same title to the president of the University of Notre Dame at the same event: to put a Catholic priest on par with a mass-production abortionist. News (and an on-line petition form) can be found on-line. Also, the Catholics for Life site has more information: scroll way down to the "Background Information".

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Ah yes... *sighs*

I remember when we first heard about this(I'm a UWO student), and I still just can't comprehend this decision.

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