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...when you get arrested for taking a crippled woman a bottle of water. Reader Julianne Wiley writes:

I know this brave, gutsy lady Lana Jacobs. She is indeed a grandmother, also the mother of two disabled daughters. She and her husband and kids are from the St. Francis Catholic Worker house in Columbia, MO, a place where they try to LIVE what Jesus said in Matthew 25: you know, you encounter the person who is hungry, thirst, naked, sick, in prison, and you do--- what? And then Jesus says, "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto Me."

Let's send her a bit of support (she'll have legal expenses):

Lana Jacobs
St. Francis Catholic Worker
901 Rangeline Street
Columbia, MO 65201

BTW, she'll face charges of trespass or whatever, I dispute the idea that what she did is illegal. Every state makes provision for what is called a "necessity" defense, based on the fact that you were doing something urgent to save somebody's life (or even to save a valuable piece of property, or a pet, by the way!)

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There's an even better picture of fascist America over at tonight....little boy arrested for bringing Terri water. The true face of America today...this is what liberalism has wrought.

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