See you at the March for Life


I'm on the way to DC for the March for Life. I hope to see all of you there!


Where are you staying?

Hey! We'll be at the Courtyard Marriot on F St.

I hope you guys aren't snowed in. If any CL reader wants to get together for lunch on Monday or Tuesday, let me know -- I'm not too far away from the Mall.

I'm staying at a mediocre place in Tysons Corner, but at least it has a Fuddruckers next door. I may brave the snow today to visit some of the holy places (e.g., the Icon and Book Service), if they're open. Tonight (Saturday) I'll be attending Vespers at the Melkite parish in McLean, and Sunday I'm attending Divine Liturgy at the Ukrainian church in Silver Spring. After that, I'm going out to the Panhandle to visit my Capuchin buddy, Br. Deacon Matthew Palkowski, who (God willing) is to become a priest in April.

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