No to quartering solders, yes to killing babies. QED.


Catholic Light reader David B. says there is no reference to abortion in the Constitution. I don't think he's looking closely enough. You see...

...the Third Amendment to the Constitution forbids the quartering of soldiers in private homes...

...that right was used to legalize contraception in Griswold vs. Connecticut...

...and Griswold was a major precedent for finding the right to an abortion.

From no quartering soldiers, to allowing baby repellants, to killing eight-months-gestated babies while they're still in the birth canal. What part about that can't you follow, David? Don't tell me you're not getting it. Maybe you could read this class summary and it will make it clearer.


Mind your penumbras there bud.

Count on Connecticut to bring you all sortsof corruption...

And people named "Griswold."

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