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Revival rescues Christmas, (Cardinal) McCarrick says

"I believe there is a real revival of religion in our country, not just of Christianity, not just of the traditional religions, but of people who really believe in God and may not be able to express it in the words of present-day religion," the Catholic cleric told "Fox News Sunday."
I'm not sure what Uncle Ted means by this, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. People are longing for the peace only Jesus can give them, they just don't know it.

A study in contrasts - about Mel Gibson and Michael Moore approaches to winning an Academy Award. Moore didn't submit his film for in the documentary category so it can only be considered for best picture. Pride goeth before a fall!

Euthanasia . . . or a 'Dutch treat' Evil in the land of tulips, windmills and clogs.

Groningen's guidelines, however, involve the actual medical homicide of individuals who can't protest or defend themselves. I have no doubt that if the Groningen Protocol becomes official, parents who don't want to contend with raising a disabled child will have their baby or young child euthanized, even if the baby has a fighting chance at a meaningful life. Likewise, family members who fear the burden of coping with a disabled or comatose loved one will seek his or her involuntary euthanasia out of their own self-interest.


based on established practice in the Netherlands, the parents may never get the choice, the "doctors" will simply murder the babies.

If Moore gets an Oscar for his tripe or even a nomination...I woldn't even want to see Gibson's film on the same slate......

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