Gerard Serafin, requiescat in pace

Just found out via Mark Shea's blog that Gerard Serafin, writer of the Catholic Blog for Lovers and keeper of St. Blog parish roll has passed on. His warmth really shined through in his writings. He was always a ray of light among us and will be missed very much. Please pray for his soul.


Gerard's message and his witness reminded us to always keep before our eyes Christ the Merciful One, and his testimony will remain with us. May his memory be eternal.

His Praise of Glory website was very helpful to me in my journey back to the Church. Lots of good stuff on there. I hope people archive it.

Another plus: the tone of his blog was not as snippy and cranky as many. The temptation to over-the-top sarcasm among us armchair bishops is very powerful. Gerard kept it alot more positive and tended to focus on the joy of Christianity.

To paraphrase the George Jones song: Who's Gonna Fill His Shoes?

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