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Of the Washington Times:

Gay bishop dismisses Anglican reportGene Robinson creates God in his own image:

"We believe God didn't stop revealing God's self when the canon of Scripture was closed," he said. "We worship a living God, not one who checked out 2,000 years ago."
The Bible has been "hijacked by the religious right," he said. "That is our Bible. It's time we take it back."
He continued, "I keep on saying to gay and lesbian people: Let's reclaim this book. It is our story."
For instance, the Old Testament book of Exodus is the "greatest coming-out story in the history of the world," he said at a Sunday school forum.
The 57-year-old bishop, who is divorced with two daughters and living with his male lover, said he does not teach celibacy to unmarried heterosexual or homosexual couples but rather "responsibility in relationships."
Acknowledging that his daughter, Jamie, had been living with her fiance before they were married, he said, "I can't remember the last couple I married who weren't living together."

Kerry, Jackson tell blacks to ignore gay 'marriage' issue - it's absolutely shocking how morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest the Reverend is.

"How many of you someone from your family married somebody of the same sex?" Mr. Jackson asked of the congregation of about 500. After nobody raised a hand, he asked, "Then how did that get in the middle of the agenda?"
Black Christians are in very bad company with the abortionists and so-called gay rights supporters.

Hawaiian seawater, going for $6 a bottle

Desalinated deep-sea water from Kona is the state's fastest-growing export, with demand soaring in Japan. Super-cold water sucked up from thousands of feet below the Pacific Ocean's surface is being marketed as healthy, pure, mineral-rich drinking water.

Next we start exporting cheese to France.

Arming Beijing? - Scary!

Uncoated electoral illusions - Mark Steyn, my hero.

Mr. Edwards, on the other hand, driveling on like a Depression-era sob-sister about the "bright light" of America now "flickering" is one of the funniest acts I've seen in years.

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Then how did [SSM] get in the middle of the agenda

You know, when I first read that, I thought he was complaining about the Dems pushing for gay marriage, for putting it into the Dem party agenda. From that perpsective, I would agree and would be ticked off that this somehow forced its way into the Dem party. But, apparently, thats not what he meant.

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

Richard Chonak

John Schultz

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