Major League Baseball announced yesterday that the Montreal Expos will move to the District, in one day turning 33 years of frustration and heartache for the Washington area into unbridled joy.
And, don't forget, huge traffic jams on game days. They are getting a new name, too. Any suggestions?


How about the Washington Ninnies?

The Washington Lobbyists.


What is so wrong with that!


What is so wrong with that!

I think Senators would be good too. But the DC government, which helped spearhead the business coalition that pulled the funding together, objects. The DC gov't decided to grandstand about statehood, saying they didn't want the name as long as DC doesn't have Senate seats.

What planet do the DC folks live on? An utterly dysfunctional city of under 600,000, that legally would have to revert to Maryland were its District status to end, seriously expects the rest of the country to hand it two free Senate seats so they can elect Marion Barry, and probably Al Sharpton who would almost certainly move there for that purpose, to the Senate? Dream on.

The Bureaucrats!

I liked the idea of "the Justices", since they play nine at a time, heh heh; however, that's not euphonious.

Mmmm: the Taxpayers?

How about, to go the Redskins and to add alliteration ... the Washington Whities.

What? Who?

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