Halliburton reports $663M loss


So much for the Cahoot Theory of why we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Or perhaps you can subscribe to the theory that Bush, Cheney and the Military/Industrial complex are all in cahoots but can't seem to manage the work to a profit...

The report is via the WSJ. I believe you need to be a subscriber to read it.


Bush-hating conspiracy fanatics won't accept failure as a proof that Bush wasn't conspiring with every evil-doer on the face of the planet; they'll just say that he was too stoopid to make it work.

Every difficulty with the idea of Evil Bush can be answered by bringing up the idea of Dumb Bush and vice-versa.

Coward, that's the best succinct explanation of Bush-hating that I've ever seen.

Bush-haters aren't mad about Halliburton per se, they're mad at Halliburton's subsidiary, Kelogg, Brown & Root (KBR), which is the company that provides on-call services to the Department of Defense. KBR is guaranteed an 8% profit over their expenses, so I don't think KBR is the problem.

I don't know how an oil-services company can lose money when oil is $35-40 a barrel, I don't pretend to know much about the oil industry.

What? Who?

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