Cry Me A River


Report: Saddam Writing Poetry in Prison

Maybe HBO will feature him in a special called "Humbled Tyrants: Poetry from the world's Detained Despots"

We could have a Saddam poetry contest...

"George Bush took my army, my death squads and my riches. I lived in a hole with lipton tea. Woe is me. Woe. Whoa... it sucks to be locked up like this."


He'd prolly win the Nopbel Prize for literature.....or maybe for peace?

Hey, if Arafat can get it...

"The Baghdad Blues"

Well, who would've thought it, but Bush done called my bluff.
Said I never would've thought, but that Bush did call my bluff.
So much for the French helping me out when things got rough.

The WMDs won't ever be found. How sad.
The WMDs are all lost. Now ain't that sad?
If reports are true, both me and Bush've been had.

Now they're closing my best prisons and opening up all them schools.
Yes, they're closing the best prisons and in place they're putting up new schools.
Coulda done it myself, but I ain't that big of a fool.

What? Who?

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