Just Barely Under God - Terence Jeffrey

For decades, liberal judges have advanced their agenda by arbitrarily declaring "rights" that defy the Western legal tradition, articulated so well by Cicero, Aquinas and Martin Luther King Jr., that just laws comport with God's laws. They have declared peddling pornography, killing unborn babies and even same-sex marriage are "rights."
These are not rights, they are wrongs. For judges to enshrine them permanently in our law, they must first unthrone God and put themselves in His place.

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Liberte, egalite, and all the rest.....the zealots of 1789 busted up the statue of the BVM at Notre Dame and replaced it with the goddess of reason.......well, maybe we could do the same thing? Only we're too far beyond reason...let's put a giant marble statue of Madonna the Repentant up down at the cathedral.

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On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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