Another way to be bought and sold

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What goes around comes around: the immoral medical techniques vaunted as great breakthroughs create new opportunities for treating people as things.

UK authorities have banned a scheme that would, in effect, pay infertile women who seek in vitro fertilization. Under the proposal, women would undergo extra rounds of treatment to stimulate egg production and give all the eggs from those treatments away.

The payoff of about 2000 -- call it $3400 -- per cycle would come in the form of a price discount on the lady's own IVF procedures.

If we're willing to treat our own offspring -- our human embryos -- as the object of production techniques, including the selection of desired ones, freezing of surplus, and disposal of those rejected -- well, we can't be surprised if people try to treat the woman's body as an object, an egg factory that can be rented.

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Babies are hunks of meat. Women are animals. Veterinary medicine all around. How can people be satisfied with this?

OK, stop it with legislation (yes, please do) but what we really need is a new evangelization that begins with Genesis (image and likeness) and ends with the Fourth and Fifth Glorious Mysteries --- the embodied person, in Love with God forever, glorified.

Immaculate Mary, make our hearts like yours.

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