Vassula just can't keep out of trouble


Just when one kerfuffle over the automatic-writing mystic Vassula Ryden is announced, along comes another.

Now the Orthodox Church of Cyprus issued a statement about her on January 13. The Synodical Committee for Matters of Heresy --

By the way, isn't that a great name? Sure, we have a Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is a nice, positive-sounding name, but some issues really deserve a statement coming from an organization that gets right to the point. This is about identifying, defining, combating and routing heresy. I'll send a little note to Levada and see if he-- well, I'll do that later.

The Synodical Committee for Matters of Heresy warned:

In reality, her teachings are heretical, and her claims that she communicates directly with Christ are fantastical and outside of the spirit of the experience of the our Church.

So how many Orthodox Churches have issued warnings against her: Greece? Cyprus? The Patriarchate of Constantinople? Does she plan to stop in at church offices to collect the condemnations on her tour?

There are probably more to come!


I'm laughing in advance of whatever silly explanation some spokesman for TLIG will post here soon...Try not to get sued, Richard - you're probably on thin ice...

Well, as our anonymous friend above seems to want a response, let me just point out that the wonderfully named 'Synodical Committee for matters of heresy' would also view all Catholics as fundamentally heretical, so I wouldn't go too far down their line of thinking...

And just to provide a necessary counterbalance to all the negative stuff which will continue to be posted on this and other websites, the Patriarch of Alexandria remains a supporter of Vassula. He certainly recognises God's voice in the True Life in God messages. See the report of Vassula's visit ro Alexandria HERE


...oops...sorry to have left my earlier post unsigned...Tominellay

H.E. Cardinal Levada is already past 75. I'd save the stamps for his successor. But you have my vote for name change!

"Synodical Committee for Matters of Heresy."
Wonder if it's too late to become a Permanent Secretary to the Synodical Committee?

"See the report of Vassula's visit ro Alexandria HERE"

A report from 2008, before the condemnations from Constantinople and Cyprus.

Given that the Patriarchate of Alexandria is led by ethnic Greeks who traditionally look to Constantinople for guidance, it would be highly surprising if Patriarch Theodoros II hasn't changed his position.

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