"The prophetic role of Mary in apparitions"


Here's a translation project I've had in the works for a few months, an excerpt from Prof. Manfred Hauke's "Introduction to Mariology" (Introduzione alla Mariologia). This chapter presents an overview of theology, pastoral principles, and history regarding Marian apparitions.

Thanks to Fr. Hauke and to EUPress FTL for permission to publish this excerpt.


Great article!

Do Mariologists normally study apparitions?

For apparitions there need to be some distinctions made between the glorious manifestation of Christ and the appearance or manifestation of the saints, between apparitions and ghosts/spirits, between apparitions of Christ and Christ in the Eucharist, and between Christian and non-Christian prophets.

For example:
- Some believe apparitions are the same as the Second Coming
- Some believe apparitions of Mary are the disembodied ghost of Mary
- Some believe apparitions of Christ are the same as the Eucharist
- Some believe in the prophets of false religions just as much as Christianity

Thanks Richard!

I like to think of Revelation as a Trinitarian model:
1) Revelation is from the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit
2) Revelation is the joint work of the Son and the Holy Spirit
2) Revelation is completed in the Son Incarnate, Jesus Christ
3) Revelation is carried by and elaborated on in the Holy Spirit
4) Private revelation comes from God and His Christ in that it comes from God through Christ

That last point is taken after the Filique doctrine and is how I make sense of private revelation being oriented to Public Revelation.

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