Beware monks pushing pope under bus


The kids and I are out with a bad cold, which thankfully, has spared my wife who is looking after us. So your homework assignment for today - particularly those who are new to the debate - is to read and reflect on the following:

1 - Former Legionary priest Jack Keogh (aka Monk)'s response to Pope Benedict's letter to the Irish, Is it time to convene the Third Vatican Council. Although it would be a gross exaggeration to proclaim Monk as an unofficial blog spokesman for the Legion, I have found that his missives around the net often line up with what appears to be current Legion thinking concerning the crisis. So it's worth a read, even if I disagree with much of what he wrote. (For some clear thinking on Pope Benedict's leadership in addressing the sex abuse crisis, read John Allen's following reflection on the topic.)

2 - Thus I'm curious to see whether in the coming month or two the Legion hierarchy attempts to throw Pope Benedict under the bus - not by full out accusations of complicity, mind you, but rather by indirect suggestion. That being said, I'm not Irish. My Catholic ancestors were Italian and Polish, and I was schooled in the French Catholic school system. All this meaning that stories about monks and cows and sayings like "God draws strait with crooked lines" were not part of our Catholic curriculum growing up. Rather, we were taught the expression 'Qui mange du pape, meurt.' This loosely translated into English as "Whoever eats of the pope will choke to death." So to my Regnum Christi readers - as well as Legionary resisters and philosophers - beware if the Legion tries to throw Benedict under the bus. Historically the bus has a funny way of missing the pope and crushing the crowd. Re-read my posting from a year ago - How schism becomes an option.

3 - Speaking of French-Canadian Catholicism and schism becoming an option, throughout this controversy I have often drawn comparisons between the Legion and the Fils de Marie. At one time - I am told both by former Legionaries and former Fils - the two orders were extremely close allies in Rome among new ecclesiastical movements. Their seminarians were allowed to mingle freely and unchaperoned, I am told, a privilege neither order afforded to any other outside order. In fact, the Fils de Marie are probably the reason the Legion was unable to garner much of a following in French-speaking Canada until recently. Thus I recommend reading Rick Ross's dossier on the Armee de Marie/ Fils de Marie, which you can visit by clicking here.

4 - By now, several Regnum Christi readers are saying "Schism? That could never happen to us, we are totally obedient to the Pope." Here's a cautionary tale. Cutting through canonical jargon, I've seen several movements suddenly go into schism after years of claiming total obedience to the Pope. In the vast majority of cases, members never thought the movement would become schismatic or disobedient to the Holy See. Yes, it happened to other groups that claimed Catholic orthodoxy and total submission to Rome, but folks believed their particular groups was different. "Just look at the fruits," is a common argument. What happens is that the claim of total obedience to the Pope is often a facade for avoiding criticism or oversight by local Church authorities (like diocesan bishops). The movement portrays local Church authorities as liberal dissenters who hate the movement for its orthodoxy. When the Pope sides with the wider Church, members feel betrayed and come to believe the Pope is part of the conspiracy, although they will usually argue at first that the Pope is an unwilling part. Think of the "Maciel took a hit for the Church because the Pope was under pressure by the Church's enemies" argument put forward after the 2006 communique.


Pope Ratzinger has a "rigid perspective"? The guy who had friendly chats with Oriana Fallaci? And gave the Regensburg talk? The guy who changed his views considerably when confronted with the upheavals of 1968 and again with the scandals of 2002?

The monk's suggestion is, well, not so plausible.

Wondering if the enemy uses the term 'submission' to somehow attack our innate sense of freedom and dignity , to conveniantly bring in more a sense of rebellion when other conditons are met, such as a lingering resentment; this, in turn , could have been related to other abuse experiences , even in one's own family that have not been repented and surrendered to mercy .
Thus , the enemy , when given a foothold , brings in the spirit of rebellion - the hatred of the good ,to attack the God given good in The Church - the spirit of merciful trust, in His authority !

'Submission'is a term that is also a foundational phrase in Islam , with its whole diffrent ideology in this area and this may be where our Orthodox brethren ,whose fear of 'submission' is what led to the start of Islam and who also have suffered under same horribly, thus making it very difficult for them to may be even look into this phrase in a peaceful manner ! This, in turn , would remind one of the basic problem of hell , how the lost fear and hate God, the very God they need to turn to ,to accept mercy !

God ,in His mercy , has given us may be newer perspective on submission as 'merciful trust ' ; husbands and wives are asked to submit to each other, 'in Christ' and that foundation when expanded ,could be the healing balm in many other areas too !

For victims of abuse or potential victims too , a real concept of what Godly mercy is , mercy that protects and deliver one from evil , evil which destroys the innate dignity of any human, is also a need !

May the prayers of our Mother and all saints and angels help us and all the embatteld and thanks for the Novena suggestion :); added St.Patrick too .

The alternative scenario: the Vatican brings in a change of leadership for the LC, there is a general chapter where reform-minded LC's are brought forward to work with the new leadership. Follows several years of pruning and staking. The dinosaurs are put out to pasture, the young blood replaces them. Acountablility measures are put in and enforced. The order emerges, purified of MM, close to the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and re-energized to continue its work in Latin America and other 3rd world countries, while being a support to the laity working at the grass roots of the parish. It's credibility is restored, the order is renewed, refounded, and re-oriented. The good things kept. Greater freedom brought in. Bridges with Bishops repaired. Cross-cultural realities respected. The large numbers of young vigorous priests are the order's best asset, and their devotion to the Church triumphs.

Of the many Legionaries I have been "blessed" to know, few of them have a heart. Most of them will use you and discard you for their ultimate goal of fundraising. Any good that you see is a facade. The package looks beuatiful on the outside. Open it up and you will smell the stench before you really understand your purchase. By then it's too late. The vapors have caused much internal damage to your mind and soul. It will take years to deprogram and begin to have faith in the beauty of the true Catholic church that has existed for over 2000 years.

Schism is an ever-present possibility when people begin paying more attention to a group, apparition, or individual than they do the Church. I have told followers of these various things many times that Satan will gladly have you doing all sorts of "pious" practices if ultimately it will lead you out of the Church.

The Legion response to the silencing of Maciel is a perfect example of people choosing to follow an individual rather than the Church. I knew the possibility of schism with them was very real as soon as I heard that comment and there was not a mass exodus of people from the group. They obviously had lost their ability to reason and were way too attached to the group.

Interesting that this post on schism is just below Richard's excellent piece on Medjugorje. YKW is very active (and apparently even pumping germs into the pipes of Chez Vere to keep one of his enemies prostrate!)

I have heard from a variety of sources that the Legion is engaged in a full-throttle whisper campaign against the pope, and seems determined to muddy him with their exit, should it come to that. As for Not Richard's scenario, please know that there are people who will never trust the Legion -- no matter how much house cleaning goes on. There is no need for them to exist, or for precious energies to be spent refurbishing this group when so many good congregations need support. It's simply pride to say they must continue -- and foolishness to bank on them "playing nice in the sandbox" with enough guidance. What is that phrase that PV likes? Something along the lines of Shut. It. Down? Yeah, that's it.

Also, not Richard, one cannot speak of things one cannot understand. You are the perfect example of why the legion cannot reform itself. Not Richard, you are still blinded by the veil of Maciel methodology that prevents good people from moving on and moving forward. Every time I read your posts, it is one more nail in the coffin for the case of reform. You are proving to the world why reform won't work. It's ironic. I really do hope that you will rid yourself of the need for L/R in your life and that you can find your way to the true Christ and do real work for his Kingdom rather than the legion Kingdom. God bless.

"The Legion response to the silencing of Maciel is a perfect example of people choosing to follow an individual rather than the Church. I knew the possibility of schism with them was very real as soon as I heard that comment and there was not a mass exodus of people from the group. They obviously had lost their ability to reason and were way too attached to the group."

Great comment. I agree and was one of the people who lost my ability to reason and was way too attached to the group. I think every LC/RC needs to ponder the 2006 communique, the LC/RC response and ask yourself was that a healthy response and were we "in step with the Pope". I even remember being frustrated with the Pope because he was not clear enough but see it in a different light now. He was clear enough to allow Fr M a life of prayer and penance and the opportunity to repent publically and make reparation for his sins. He was clear enough for all LC/RC to continue their apostolate "independent of the person of the founder." Neither of those things happened....and so many wait to hear from the Pope again. Let us all have ears to hear the truth.

Yes, Giselle, it is interesting, isn't it? The Legion and Medjugorje seem to be very similar to me. You certainly get the same reaction whenever you question any part of either movement.

And, just as the Legion put a spin on the 2006 communique, the Medjugorje followers put the same type of spin on the declaration of the Mostar/Yugoslavian bishops. Not to mention, the frequent mantra of "The Pope really loves us. He said so in a private audience that no one heard."

Guess the deceiver only has so many lines that he just keeps using over and over again!

""The Pope really loves us. He said so in a private audience that no one heard."

hahahahahahahahaha. Thanks for the belly laugh!

This may not be the appropriate place to make this comment; I apologize if I am getting off track.
I have been reading this blog daily for the past few months; I have been really "taken" with the posts about what an authentic "charism" is, in respect to consecrated life, an ecclesial movement.
Much food for reflection.
I just want to contribute this: we have been reading and listening at meals to "Come Be My Light", the letters of Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta these past weeks. Powerful stuff. There is contained here the essence of what a charism is in the authentically Catholic tradition. Read this book; meditate upon it. This gives a contemporary example of what it means to receive and live an authentic charism from the Holy Spirit. It's all there. St. Bruno, St. Ignatius, St. Teresa of Avila and many other Holy Founders were given a gift, as was B. Mother Teresa to build up the Church, to give souls to Christ, to "quench the thirst of Jesus" for souls. Thank you and be assured of our prayers for your most need voice and mission to help those in most need.

Amen, Fr. John!

It was this book that began removing the scales for me last year.

As I read Bl. Teresa's words, I couldn't help notice her humility and her authenticity. I compared this to anything MM wrote. There is no comparison. She loved others so much. She was so humble. Her congregation grew without the attached "business" of fundraising and seeking legitimacy from famous people. I am willing to bet that the Sisters of Charity grew faster than the LC.

The LC's growth can be attributed to relentless pursuit of money and people - completely self-serving.

The Sisters of Charity grew truly because they were "of God."

Regarding #4): Any Legion or Regnum Christi member who wants to follow the Pope, who says he's just waiting to see what the Vatican says, should read Benedict XVI's letter to the Irish people last week. And remember, he will not shut Regnum Christi down, no matter what. He won't order you to leave. This is due to the nature of the organization, not because it's a great group. (Along the lines of the term "Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers"; they're only supposed to be used in extraordinary situations but some folks think it means they're really neato people). You have to decide on your own whether or not to "turn your back on it without a thought, because you would feel a terrible wrenching, as if part of your body was (sic) torn away." (Envoy II, Letter 80)

And then read the pope's prayer at his inauguration that Giselle referred to last week. The Legion is infamous for trashing the reputations of its opponents: Juan Vaca, Jose Barba et al, Paul Lennon, Abp Flynn, Abp O'Brien, we saw in the "pajamas ReGAIN" blogs how Glenn Favreau and Aaron Loughrey were treated... Will you be a wolf when the Pope acts against the Legion? Are you already a wolf? (And he will act; the question is "what will he do?" not "will he do anything?").

Off-topic, Wow, when I googled the wolf phrase I saw that Agca was a member of something called the "Grey Wolves"; I hadn't known/remembered that.

Thanks, Pete et. al.
I read this every day. It is such an important mission you are engaged in. Prayers from here all round.
As someone who is considered a "co-founder" of a public association of the faithful, with elements of the four states in life, something quite new, I am always brought to my knees with fear and humility about doing God's work and not my is sometimes so very overwhelming; I would never, ever want to lead anyone astray.
The documentation you provide on MM and the LC/RC is so very important...I pray, every day, to be faithful to God's call...I fail often in so many ways, but I always attempt to seek repentance and true conversion of life, under the direction of my superiors. The reports of the last days/hours of MM absolutely terrified me about how he supposedly rejected the Last Sacraments/prayers/assistance of an exorcist (if this is, in fact, the case).
Pete, your mention of C.D. Doherty was a reminder of how much she has influenced my spiritual life in her direct and simple approach to God, to the Sacraments, to the Church. She is truly an inspiration.
If Archbishop Raymond L. Burke was not the one who approved our association back in 1998, who has seen us through many years of struggle, I would have had great difficulty continuing on. He has been such an encouragement and source of inspiration and direction. Praise God for his presence in our lives.
Again, thank you and keep up the great work.

Help!! I am scheduled to attend a mother daughter retreat with my teenage daughters sponsored by Regnum Christi. I have only recently become familiar with this LC/RC situation and I must say that I am thoroughly disgusted and confused. Do the RC members continue to quote/recognize/acknowledge Maciel at the retreat centers? If so, I will not attend. I have left a message at Mt. Kisco but not sure if it will be returned in time. Between this and the situation in Europe, I am feeling very disheartened about the Church overall and not much in the mood for a retreat, but I don't want my feelings to affect my children. My daughters are excited about attending this and we are going with good friends. Any advice??

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