Dear Tiger,


The details are none of my business. Thank you.


We live in world that denies sin, denies the existence of an objective right and wrong.

At the same time we live in a media saturated world obsessed with crime and punishment. Go figure.

Some (just some, not all) of the details are our business. Tiger presented himself as a devoted family man and an example to be emulated. He made a lot of money because people bought into this lie. Scripture commands us to uncover the works of darkness. Learning the truth is tough sometimes, but we're better off because we are no longer be under the spell of the lie.

(sung to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town")

Ya better watch out, I think it's a lie,
I ain't quite sure, but somethin' ain't right...
Tiger Woods is sleepin' around.


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