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Expressing outrage at my Let us prey... entry, Fed up RC states: "1. It is a sin to make false accusation without [sic.] subtantial basis to prove the facts."

Since Fed up RC appears to be presenting this principle as universally applicable to Catholics, I will respond with a quote attributed to Fr. Owen Kearns, in which the high-profile LC priest reportedly describes Juan Vaca (Maciel's first accuser) as "a proud, status-conscious man angered and disappointed at his professional failures."

That's quite the accusation against a former colleague. To my knowledge Fr. Kearns has not retracted it publicly. And as of this writing I am told Mr. Vaca has not received an apology from the Legion. So where's the proof?


Now Pete, not to be a smart a** but whether or not you are in the right or wrong with your 'Prey for Us' article, surely one man's sins do not equal another?

Not saying either of you are sinning against charity, however, I think you can make a better argument than this one ;)

Interestingly, though, DaniNZ, I backed up my post with the provokative pictures and then there were a host of comments backing up what I said from first-hand encounters with priests who played them. The negative comment came from someone who's premise was, "that was not my experience so all of you must be guilty of slander."

Well, how about this often repeated statement that drove me nuts and eventually started me on my walk away from RC, "The reason that the diocese limits our number of Conquest Clubs is because they are afraid of losing vocations to the Legion." When I demanded when this statement came from the diocese, they responded that this was well known. That is the #1 whisper campaign in the Legion and it set itself up against the diocese. This is proof enough for me that the Legion does not practice what they preach.

Don't the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have "grooming practices"?

They grow 5 mile long beards...... :-))

One of their priests told me once why: as a sign that they are "not available". Their lives are completely given to Our Lord.

So, if growing a beard as long as possible means "not available" what might the grooming techniques resulting in slick appearances in the LC mean?


LOL, Mum 26--- I think the CFRs might be better said to have "Lack of grooming" practices. =)

On the other hand, I think a lot of religious orders do inspire "crushes" in young women.

I used to have a HUGE crush on the Jesuits--- they were so smart and fun and funny... and they had such AWESOME martyrs. I mean, look at Miguel Pro! And I wasn't the only girl I knew who was a Jesuit-groupie.....

So maybe this is another attempt by the LCs to imitate the Jesuits while not quite understanding the draw? Because the Jesuits AREN'T overwhelmingly good-looking (sorry any Sjs out there...)--their attractiveness lies in their intelligence, their fervent desire for martyrdom (even the ones who teach at universities seem to wish they were assigned as undercover-priests in the middle east or something) and, well, their sense of humor.

Of course, the Jesuits I knew were also mildly embarrassed by the fact that so many college girls had a crush on the order......

Okay...I'm going to venture into an area "where angels dare not tread"...maybe.
In my limited experience, I have seen that women who are desiring to grow in the spiritual life may be attracted to priests/celibate men because of a deeper sense of understanding, support and compassion. And I think priests/celibate men can be sometimes "overly" taken with consecrated women (whether lay or religious) and have an "idealized" kind of perception. It goes both ways. Some of this is just the natural attraction between man and woman. But in the celibate life, this must be dealt with, and honestly confronted. "Spiritual marriages" between celibates are NOT proper. And even with married women and celibate men, a proper relationship based in maturity, boundaries, and respect have to be demanded. When this "natural" attraction between men and women is manipulated in whatever fashion, you have all kinds of problems. We just cannot "use" people, even if it is not sexually immoral, to get what we want.
And don't get me started on the same-sex "crushes" ...that's for another post:

Oops...I meant to post this at "ExLC and I will be watching football in the basement".
But if the 'gals' are taking it from there, probably better I goofed:

Oops...I meant to post this at "ExLC and I will be watching football in the basement".
But if the 'gals' are taking it from there, probably better I goofed:)!

Ooh, I don't know, we had a very charismatic Primitive Observance Franciscan come for a parish mission (but then, I always liked ZZ Top)

"Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man"

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