Does 'specificity' include an apology to Jose Barba?


Someone please page Fr. Damien Karras.


As crisis communications go, how does this stack up? Fr. doesn't even name the elephant in the room.

He starts with a plea for sympathy: "This year has been a tough year, to say the least."

It's been a tough year. He reminded me right there of the Queen's Guildhall speech of November 1992. I respected her when she acknowledged that year of family disasters as an "annus horribilis". In her position, and on that occasion, that was as specific as she could be. But a man, a priest, a religious superior is not bound by the same duty of delicacy as is incumbent upon a queen.

"Communication [he winced] has been a challenge."

Oh: is that the problem? You're pained at the word "communication"? It's a tough year because you've had a hard time at communication? I don't think that's quite it.

"With these videos we hope to [he pauses] reconcile that." Here a vague "we" is introduced. Fr. is struggling for words. Is this some new meaning of the word "reconcile"?

"There is so much good going on around in the Church."

Communication has been a challenge.

Your average small town used car salesman would by now have deviced something a bit more intelligent.
Indeed, the gods blind those they want to destroy.

At first I thought this had to be a spoof. Seriously.

Juana, what a great quote. Utterly appropriate!

The realization that there are people out there who still look to Fr. Reilly and his confreres for spiritual leadership is really sad.

Speaking of Fr. Karras, he posted a response to an article on CNA recently here:

It's good to "see" him around again!

Which is very interesting, because Fr Cardenas was Fr Snell's last superior before he left the Legion. Apparently the two didn't see eye to eye.

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