Belated: P. Suitbertus Siedl, OCD, requiescat in pace

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I didn't know until just now that Fr. Suitbertus Siedl, OCD, one of the Church's great exponents of the Latin language, passed away last April. Fr. Siedl promoted the practice of Latin as a living spoken language through his annual Feriae Latinae (Latin Holidays), week-long full-immersion programs in Europe and the Americas. It's good to see that the Feriae will continue this summer in France -- the American branch met in Cuernavaca last summer too.

By the way, that Ephemeris (where the obit is) seems to be a nice little Latin web site based in Warsaw, with topical news stories; for example:

Barack Hussein Obama praesidentatum praetendit USAnum: Num Americani Septentrionales accepturi sint praesidentem atavis editum Afris nomenque parem Saddamo, cognomenque similem Ben Laden?

("Barack Hussein Obama seeks the US presidency: will North Americans accept a president of African heritage bearing Saddam's name and with a name similar to Bin Laden's?")

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