God Hates Calvinism


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I'm guessing this picture was photoshopped. AFAIK the Phelps gang called off the protest when Mike Galligher gave them some air time, thus satisfying their lust for publicity (why else would they want to protest an Amish funeral?)

In Jesu et Maria,

Yes, it's photoshopped. I think the reason they wanted to protest the Amish funeral is because they're evil.

And while God is not pleased with Calvinism, I doubt that the Phelps gang really cares about religious doctrine. Aren't they mainly agents-provocateurs suing people for profit?

According to Phelps's sons who ran away and severed ties with the family, he actually believes what he spews. His sons claim Phelps was physically abusive and filled with just as much hatred.

is that the same guy who goes to gay peoples funerals & tells their families their going to hell?

I'm not a huge fan of Calvinism myself (more of an Arminian Protestant in the Weslyan tradition). That said, I think it's unfair to say that Phelps' view reflects the views of biblically orthodox Calvinist and Reformed Christians.

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