Can Bob Casey, Jr., fool values voters?


Human Events asks: will Pennsylvania social conservatives decide to stay with Rick Santorum once they learn that senate candidate Bob Casey opposes a marriage protection amendment?

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The problem to me with Santorum (and maybe I am wrong) is that he has come out in favor of Altered Nucluer Transfer. We are dealing with that in Missouri with our Senator Talent. I have voted for people for years because I thought they were pro-life but they will quickly sell out to human cloning only they have redefined life to begin at implantation and not conception. These people left out the back door and we all saw them leaving.

It's not I would ever vote for Claire McCaskill (running against Talent) but at least she hasn't flip flop on these issue. I will go to the polls in November here in Missouri for we are fighting a constitutional amendment which will allow cloning by redefining it and cause a whole big mess. I just don't know if I will vote for a sentor that sold out the most innocent. Pro-lifers here are in the battle of our lives. I invite anyone to join us in the rosary cursade against this.

Also, Rick Santorum did endrose Spector over Pat Toomey. I would be in trouble as a Catholic if I voted for Spector. Since it was a primary did he really have to make an endorsement.

Just how long are we going to let Repulicans sell out important causes?

No candidate is perfect--so pressure must always be put on ALL politicians At ALL times--even if they usually are on your side. Santorum is certainly better than most of the Country-Club liberal Republican senators from here in New England or the radical Democrat senators who never support any traditional moral values on social issues. As far as I can see Casey's supposed pro-life stand is a sham and only taken because it would be counter-productive to be anti-life because of the hero status of his pro-life late father. He apparently is passionately in favor of everything the homosexualist lobby wants and financially he is one of their favorites in donations to candidates. Plus --if Casey wins--it helps turn the Senate over to Dem control--as in forget making any changes on the Supreme Court---forget any kind of pro-life legislation emerging--even anti-partial birth abortion legislation--and get ready for a federal Senate push for gay marriage.

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