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Not a half bad listing. Although some I just don't understand (Sister Act? Moonstruck?). I guess they are not particularly anti-Catholic, just neutral - simply using a Catholic setting as a backdrop.

I am surprised Lord of The Rings didn't make it, but it mostly has a Catholic "feel" (particularly a Northern European Middle Ages one) to it rather than any overt Catholic cheerleading.

Yes, a pretty good list. But some of these are not movies. Brideshead Revisited was a TV miniseries. And what is the "*S" after The Rookie? It was rated G and A-1 for general patronage.

Putting the mawkish Therese (2004) above the contemplative Therese (1986)? Tsk, tsk.

And it's a pity they didn't include Brother Andre.

I decided to let someone else cast the first stone (thanks, Richard). Like all popular polls, this is basically a list of "Catholic" movies people remember having seen recently (or in some cases treasure from their youth). And the #11(!!!!) showing for the 2004 THERESE is the worst example of what results. There is no way, no how that the 2004 THERESE belongs on any list of honor or high regard, or higher than the French THERESE. I don't believe there is any way that THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (#1) is that much a better film than THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (#48). Or even better at all. But that I can chalk up to taste (Dreyer is an acquired one) and the obscurity and difficulty of an 80-year-old silent film. And Gibson did in fact make a great film. But there is no way you can say that of the 2004 THERESE.

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