Bruskewitz to NRB: "If I’m attacked, they are going to get a mouthful of porcupine quills. "

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Bishop Bruskewitz continues to roll against the National Review Board. The Wanderer just published an interview with the Bishop of Lincoln in which His Excellency pulls no punches. Here's some of the more pithy quotes:

Q. Why do you object to pro-abortion Catholics serving on the lay board? Aren’t a lot of prominent Catholics supporters of partial-birth abortion? Don’t they deserve representation too? A. It’s a standing disgrace that some of these people who call themselves Catholic don’t understand the heinous evil that they support. That we should give them a position of prominence in the Church is an outrage.

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The latest Bruskewitz on the National Review Board from - Musings of Domenico Bettinelli on April 11, 2006 3:50 PM

Last week, I posted a link to an interview that Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska, gave in 2004 to Catholic World Report on his concerns about the US bishops' National Review Board. Now he's given a new interview to The Wandere...

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The Gospel for the Byzantine Rite today (Gregorian Calendar) includes Jesus speech to the vipers and hyporcrites and white-washed tombs.

The good bishop has a valid point. Isn't looking the other way or endorsing the killing of children as they are being born every bit as bad as child abuse---in fact isn't it the worst child abuse of all?? So who are these publicly apostate Catholics to be sitting in judgement on bishops who may have been stupid or incompetent, but are not ENDORSING evil.

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