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Episcopalians consider freeze on gay bishops

"Our continued membership in the Anglican Communion can no longer be taken for granted," he wrote. "There is now evidence that a majority of bishops are beginning to rethink the position staked out by the General Convention 2003, when it approved the election of the bishop of New Hampshire."


Talk about a statement devoid of any morality or ethics--just strategic positioning to be able to stay in the Anglican communion while prepping people for more gay activism in the future.

As a former member of the Episcopal Church USA, I think the idea of freezing gay bishops has merit. If the time ever comes when they can be cured of their disorder, they can be thawed and restored to communion.

As a matter of fact, perhaps it would be good to extend the practice and freeze all bishops. They could be thawed for confirmations and the giving of holy orders, then refrozen. We may be on to something here.

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