Anybody know of a good Web site statistics tool?


Can anyone point me to a good Web site statistics tool? I've used the various free options out there, but they're not terribly impressive. Here's what I need it to do:

1. It should be able to filter out referrer spam from a hostname list that I specify.

2. It should do a reasonably solid job at Web analytics -- e.g., it should be able to tell a robot from a recurring user.

3. It should be free.

Any thoughts?


Have you tried Analog? It requires a bit of initial setup, but once that's done, the results are impressive. And the price is right.

It'd be helpful to know what you've already tried. I'm rather fond of Google Analytics and Performancing Metrics.

A free, remotely hosted service is I use it myself... you'll have to look at the features to decide if it's a sufficient replacement for something local/internal. As for local, I'm satisfied with Webalizer for my limited needs and it ships with both flavors of Redhat.

Filtering out the referer spam from your log files is a task you can script yourself, so you needn't count that as a requirement in the analysis package.

I like the pretty pictures from awstats.

Funky, I've not looked at Google Analytics. I'll check it out -- thanks for the advice.

I've looked at Awstats and Analog. They both take a lot more time to tweak than I'm willing to invest. Also, they're clunky on a Windows box. I know, I should be running it on my personal Linux server, but I use that for testing and frankly, I have many other things in my life to which I need to devote myself.

Whoops -- Google Analytics is closed to new users for now!

ClickTracks just released a free learning edition called ClickTracks Appetizer. The download is at

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