Canon Law Course and Break From Blogging


Even our prime minister has admitted that Canada's government will likely fall within the next month, if not weeks. I've been asked to take on some pretty heavy local responsibilities in this election. This comes as I am putting the final polish on lectures for a distance education course on canon law that Catholic Distance University invited me to write (and for those who are interested, teach this January -- there are still some open spaces if you sign up before December 1st). Therefore, I would ask you to please spare any prayers you can send Canada's way. Additionally, this also means a leave from blogging as well as day-to-day private emails over the next couple of months. Thanks for your understanding.


May God continue to bless you and lead you through this process. do us proud Pete.

what is the title of the course? I couldn't find it on the CDU site.

Introduction to Canon Law. It is a new course, so you have to phone in for it.

Pete - I'm sure you'll make a great contribution to the election effort. See you in a few months!

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