Stand. Sit. Kneel.


Where might one purchase a clicker? Not a neon-green dog trainer's model, you understand, but a real real-nun certified version?

(I'm not planning shenannigans at the local Trid Mass, by the way, or, for that matter, shenannigans anywhere.)


Am I a Bad Catholic if I don't know what a clicker is?

No, you're probably just a young one. Although I, who saw pre-Vatican II Masses with my own young eyes, never heard one used by our nuns. They just WILLED us to stand/sit/kneel. Worked, too.

But to answer, a is a little metal device that clicks a metal tongue across a pivot point, against a metal body when squeezed. It's a quiet way to signal something.

The Anglican nuns of my youth used them to good avail. You used to be able to get them at the five and dime, in the toy section. now? I'm not sure they're even being made anymore.

Metal? I remember ours being wooden.

There were some nice ones in the new Music in Motion catalog. Some that looked like exotic toads. Not exactly what you're looking for...but cool nonetheless.

I was wondering what remote controls had to do with dog training and nuns.

(A Gen-Xer)

The clickers were very effective. They were also used to remind (some of us) when to genuflect. Not a bad thing at all! Also cradle Catholic, and still missing the Gregorian Chant at mass.

I am often found in the congregation singing parts to the hymns. Leading by example. I remember that as a child I was so impressed by those adult men who were willing to sing in a strong baratone or bass. Now I feel called to set the same example for the unknown child near me. (Not to mention the silent adults!)

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