Cindy Sheehan and Prince Charles: Separated at birth?

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It has been revealed: Cindy Sheehan, mother of war hero Casey Sheehan, is the fraternal twin of the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Charles Windsor Castle. Either that, or they are siblings, at the very least. Below is the proof (with links to the original sources, lest you think I photoshopped anything):

Prince Charles

Cindy Sheehan

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Well, Sheehan has definately gotten more and more strident. And when Admiral Al Sharpton showed up, that's when I knew the whole thing was turning into a farce.

It's actually sad that the only voices heard and reported on from an anti-war perspective are the left-wing nut jobs who won't call Bin Laden a terrorist and compare Bush to Hitler. They are recycling arguments that sounded good around campus in the 60s and for some crazy reason get a huge amount of play in the MSM.

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