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So we are all sedevacantists now!

Not only will Pope John Paul's successor have a difficult act to follow, the papacy itself has been made into a bigger job by the long-vigorous and much-traveled polyglot Pope.


The pope will always be remembered for all the he stood for and all he has shown us, the one mighty catholic did alot for the world & millions of people.My thoughts of him will always be with me. I cried but we knew he was ill and his time with GOD was near. God Bless us All, we will miss him

Today is a very sad day for everyone... Pope John Paul II dying has affected the whole world, not just Roman Catholics. As I go about my day shopping, buying stuff for my family, I see it in everyones' face -- extreme sadness at the Pope's passing. But we should all rejoice because he is now in God's loving care and no longer suffering. That is the one consolation for me -- that God has ended Pope John Paul II's suffering here on Earth, and is now without pain.
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I sincerely hope the new POPE will put an end to Pediaphilia instead of covering it up and shifting the guilty Priests to different Churches.Also exploiting women as Servants and nuns is Over. Female priests belong also .They have existed since the 7th Century.
This should be the END to a lot of the lifelong practices to exploit people.
I hope the Pope is welcomed into Heaven but NOt as a special person.

May the Pope rest in peace! He was a kind gentle man and his pain is over, and he is in heaven with god. He is at peace. Eternal peace. To
CT who posted what she/he posted, for you to say that the pope was NOT a special person is beyond what anyone could say. You dont know what he thought about any of what you said. You obvisously dont believe in god and you obviously are a sick individual. Put an end to your postings, they are sick!

Pope John Paul, you were a great person, you were a great pope and God Bless your Soul. Eternal Life forever!!!!!!!!!

While I think Pope John Paul is a saint, this is a good time to remember that there are probably completely ordinary people you and I have never heard of who are even greater saints!

I am sadenned by HIS departure - we are losing a great man and someone very hard to substitute. His place in heaven is a place of honor - HE was very devout to the Virgen Mary and she does not abandon those who love and respect HER.
Rest in peace John Paul - you deserve it.

I don't know if anyone has heard this or not yet, but that pesky anti-pope, Gregory XVII, passed away last March 25th.

So we are all sedevacantists now!

Thanks, RC, this gave me a chuckle on a somber day. Yep, we're all sedevacantists for the next 2½ to 4 weeks, or so. :-)

BTW, when I attempt the Divine Mercy plenary indulgence tomorrow, I'm offering it for John Paul.

Fr. Sibley mentioned the passing of that antipope over on his site.

I am deeply saddened at the loss of Pope John Paul II. I hope the world never forgets just how great this man was. I can hear our Lord now, "Well done good and faithful servant!"

My ferverent prayer is that the new pontiff will recognize that the admiration for John PaulI stemmed from his steadfast in support of moral principals andhis open arms approach to people of other religions telling them they are brothers in God. Now all we have to do is get the governments of the world to adopt the same principals.

As i read through the Popes life i see how hard and how he was ...He was a really good guy so i no it is a really hard daY for everyone so god bless the pope and i want him to rest in peace so i no that he will be alrite with my grandpa thank you

We should not be sad at the passing of the Holy Father. We should rejoice for him. He is, at long last, with the one he has worked for all his long life. He is, at last, experiencing complete joy in the light of God's love.

Last night I attended a Masonic meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The Masons (or FreeMasons) are the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Also present at the meeting were Brother Masons whom I know, who happen to be Christian (both Protestant and Catholic), Jewish, and Muslim. Before having dinner together, we offered a prayer of thanks to the Great Architect of the Universe for His bounty, and, since reports had been received of Pope John Paul II's failing health, prayers for his healing or peaceful passing, as God wills. This we did freely, in spite of the fact that Pope John Paul II in 1983 chose to reaffirm a 19th-Century papal edict of Leo XIII ("Humanum Genus") that it is improper for a Catholic to be a FreeMason.

I am proud to be a small part of an organization (125,000 Masons in the Grand Lodge of Ohio alone) devoted to Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, where good men of goodwill of all monotheistic faiths can come together in peace and harmony, and pray for another Good Man of faith, even if he did not think so highly of us.

The only Pope in history I can Honestly say had worn out the fishermens shoes. May You look after us and tell the big guy upstairs we are always trying to do better. God Bless You on your new Journey. Humanity will miss You.... I will miss You.............

With the death of Pope John Paul II, we have lost a great spiritual leader, the likes of which most of us now alive may never see again. How lucky are we to have had a Pope like him and we should pray that the Holy Spirit will descend upon the College of Cardinals during the forthcoming Conclave to guide and direct those who will be voting for one of their own to succeed him.
A successor we will get but I doubt that we will get a replacement, for the same cannot exist.

Pope John Paul will sorely be missed. I am not catholic, but I always had the utmost respect for a great man who was a present APOSTLE PAUL.Sometimes we criticize things we don't understand, and many times i have been guilty of that. I have a whole new different outlook on catholicism.He will leave huge shoes to fill!He is in the presence of the Lord.


Pope John Paul II will be terribly missed.He was an example to us right to his death.Let's remember that the purpose of life for Catholics is to attain Heaven.I'm sure that He is with God the Father and Jesus right now.

Rest In Peace Great One!!! The world is deeply saddened by this great loss. To all of you who criticized the pope--I will pray for you and I know he has already forgiven you. He was an amazing spiritual leader and the angels have taken him to our dear lord. It was my dream to meet him--although it never came true, I will see you on the up side. All of you in the world PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!!

Pope John Paul II will be sadly missed by everyone in the world. I know now that he is with God and will be forever in his hands with no more pain or suffering, I pray that he is at rest. As a Catholic I know he has made a world of difference in my life as I am sure he did in others. Please let us all keep him in our prayers.
May God Bless us all.
As for you Ct. I hope someone can forgive you for what you said and pray for you as you need it for you are a very sick person.

I can still remember watching the televised ordination in 1978. I also saw him from across the street from where he stayed in Caracac, Venezuela. It was late that night and he came out on the porch and said to the crowd it's late now go home and get some sleep. I got he chills hearing his voice live and so close and ever since I highly regard him as a great messenger of God and I know he will be sorely missed by the world of faithfuls. May he rest in peace and I ask he always look down upon this unrestful world.

I won't condem ct for the comments made. They must have been made out of reason. However, this Pope, this man, has changed the world. He uses his influence with the goal of peace. There have been other religiouse leaders that call on and encourage violence to meet their ends... I'm not Catholic, but I think this man deserves respect and I believe his teachings will go on for some time. It's ok to believe in something. We are so conditioned to political correctness that we often sell what we don't believe. This man lived and said what he believed.

The pope did take a stand on pedophilia,he rejected such acts.We also don't know what went on behind closed doors at the vatican.I know this pope made his feelings known in private as he did in public.He was a truly spiritual man,a true representative of Christ.May he revel in heaven with his maker and all the angels.God bless!

Pope John Paul II has left an everlasting mark not only on the Catholic Church, but on all of Christiandom. His actions always had love and compassion behind them, just as Christ's actions always have, while standing firm against sin of all stripes.

No one can deny the impact that Pope John Paul II had on the world, on the humanity. He was a great spiritual leader, the one that many others can just wish to be. I'm not catholic, but I beleive that one day he will be refered as the greatest Pope of our times considering what he has accomplished not only in his life but as the Pope. He visited 100 countries (wow) while his predecesors couldn't get out of Italy. He spoke for those that couldn't, he defended those that were defensless and he preached about what he believed in. And he was not affraid to call those governments that he believed were engaged in wrong doings to stop their insenity and sensless wars.
Followers of Islam gathered in mosques across my hometown to pray for the Pope on Friday. Although I couldn't join them, I joined them in my thoughts and my heart. I'm deeply saddned by the Pope's death but relieved that his suffering has come to an end.

Pope John Paul II was a great man. He will surly be missed by eveybody of every church through out the world. The Cathlic church lost a great and wonderful servant from God. He was and is a person who's footsteps should be followed by all. I will really miss him.

Our world has lost not only a Pope but a man of strong values. I pray that his values will live strong in the people of this world.And all may reach out to people of diffrent religions and cultures tro bring peace and gods true love tho this earth. thank you John Paul for what you brought to our lives. Your teachings will live forever. peace be too all in

My heart is wretched tonight. I have lost a member of my family-my spiritual family. I grieve and I am so sad, almost as sad as when my mother died-two years ago. Both are in heaven now. When I heard the news-I cried like a baby-and I'm a strong Italian man. I will say a prayer for Carol Wojotlya. My heart is sick, but I kknow that Pope John Paul is not suffering anymore. We all go to that wonderful place in heaven-after this body is shucked for a new spiritul one with God, the Father. Spero il Papa e felice ora in cielo. Ciao. Vittorio

god bless john paul he was the only pope that i remember and wish that i would have met him in his live time .he will be remembered.he is with god now.

His light will continue to shine on all of us. We mourn OUR loss but applaud his journey HOME.
We miss you already HOLY FATHER...but trust that you will always be with us in spirit.
God Bless Us.

I thank God the Father daily for the gift of His Son, Jesus, the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gift of John Paul II who truly pointed daily, in word and action the way to God. As a Catholic, I rejoice in the sure knowledge that John Paul's suffering on this earth is over and he now lives in the radiance of God!
I had the honor of singing for him at WYD2000 in Rome, and sat for nearly three hours, less than 50 feet from him. The love and joy he radiated was the reflection of God's love for all of us.
God blessed us all for having known John Paul.
"John Paul II, we love you!" it still echoes in my head and heart!

It is hard to cope with the passing of our beloved pope. It has been a experience of great lost of someone that we have looked up to. You can say that he was the closest to purity in the eyes of Catholic believers. We have lost a great person in this lifetime. My we see this as an experience of light that we need to belief in some type of religion because that is all that would led us to better path. May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace.
Bless us all

Throughout the years Pope John Paul II stood firm on his pro-life beliefs, regardless of what the world said. His love of children and of life was obvious. He was consistent, wise, and brave spiritual leader. Pope John Paul II showed a genuine interest in all peoples, cultures, and faiths. The way he led his life is partially why I chose to become Catholic.

Tonight, while saddened by our dear Pope's death, I am forever grateful to God to have witnessed such a life. As a result, I plan to continue to do all I can to promote the teachings of Jesus, including the "culture of life" throughout the world! BDG

Dear Holy Father, you are now with our lord. For you there is no more suffering, but for us we lost a wonderful, and beautiful man. You were always so good to everyone in this world. We will nerver forget the the most gracious Holy Father we ever had. For you Holy Father, rest in peace, and be our angle looking over us at all times. Hoping the world will continue doing all the things you started. I cried alot to see you go, but in my heart i know it was best for you. You have been to sick for so long, yet you came out to the window for the last time, as weak as you were. I will always love you.

The pope was just a frail old bald hump backed thief. He was just a filthy sinner like the rest of us. I care about his death as much as I cared about Johnny Carsons death. Both of them just provided me laughs. Its a shame the catholics worship Mary ( another dead sinner) and the pope as much or more than Jesus. The pope didnt die for anyones sins. If he wasnt born again he's busted hell wide open.Goodbye and good riddens you bald thief.

It sure is a shame that the Catholic people praise the Pope so much more than they ever even acknowledge Jesus. The pope did NOTHING for any of you, he had no power to forgive anyones sins. The Bible teaches there is one mediator between God and man and that is Jesus Christ. How dare the pope asked to be called Holy Father, especially when hes dressed more like mother, with his long dress and necklace. Works cant save anyone, its a personal relationship with Jesus. a new pope will offer no hope for anyone, only Jesus Christ can offer any of us hope.

Thanks, Josh and Carol, for your concern for everyone's salvation. Here at Catholic Light we're all Catholics with a personal born-again relationship with Jesus Christ, and so's Pope John Paul. If you didn't know that before, you know now.

Here's a link to the first encyclical Pope John Paul wrote after his election: it's about the Lord Jesus, and it's called The Redeemer of Man.

At the outset of his ministry, when faced with the question of where he and the Church should go, the Pope wrote:

Our response must be: Our spirit is set in one direction, the only direction for our intellect, will and heart is - towards Christ our Redeemer, towards Christ, the Redeemer of man. We wish to look towards him-because there is salvation in no one else but him, the Son of God- repeating what Peter said: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life".

I hope, Josh and Carol, you can come to recognize not only that the Catholic Church preaches Christ crucified, but Christ himself founded the Church and remains with her, "even to the end of time."

As the successor to St. Peter, the pope commands respect. He is one in a long line of leaders spanning to the time of Christ. The "born again" ideology of present day fundamentalists is a relatively new phenomenon in Christianity. It is not found in Eastern Orhodoxy or Roman Catholicism. Sadly, most organized Christian sects have lost the true meaning of Christ's intentions by stressing a selfish "one-upmanship" rather than following the Beatitudes and the greatest commandment of all, which stresses love.

What did the Pope Do "Literally" for Millions. I am Christian but quite sceptical of religion. Please, tell me what he did for the world. What country's did he make more peaceful. What conflict did he intervene and make more peaceful. What corrupt leader did he transform .What was the one DEED that he performed that helped make the world better for everyone!?????

What was his legacy. ?
What was his philosophy?
Please give me facts ? I am ignorant of what this man did to make the world a better place.

I admired the man greatly for what he went through before he became Pope. The Popes reluctance to compromise Catholicism in a modern world was admirable. However, the cover up by the Church regarding the deviate sexual misconduct of a significant group of Clergy was deplorable . I feel it was not addressed appropriately by the Pontiff or the church and betrays the moral and ethical ideals for which the institution stands for. I basically saw him as another elitist leader in a politically correct world. He could have done great things but did not take advantage of his oppurtunities..............................................

Please ,no gloom and doom prophecies about me and whether or not I am going to heaven. Please give me some facts about what this guy did AFTER he became Pope!?

Nick Kalodimos

I remember seeing Pope John Paul II on his visit to Philadelphia, PA. I was standing on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as the crowd roared "LONG LIVE THE POPE!"; as his motorcade drove by. Pope John Paul II was standing up out of the sunroof of a limosine at that time in 1979.

It is with a heavy and sad heart that I selfishly write this article; selfish because I didn't want him to go. I also prayed for his suffering to stop and for him to go be with God, I felt that 84 yrs on earth; growing up in a communist controlled Poland at the time, intervening in the cold war between Russia and the U.S. when he met with Reagan and Kruschev to disarm nuclear weapons program's, going to Jerusalem and blessing the crying wall to dissuade the prior anti jewish movements, uniting people of different religions, and most of all following God's will.

I, and the world, will miss you and what you've accomplished Pope John Paul II. Our Lord has taken you to his eternally peaceful home; no more suffering for you.


I know in spirt you will contine to love and protect us as you are and were a saint. Your beauty and holyness will be forever in our hearts. you are missed..As i wished I could have met you face to face, it's ok because I spoke to someone who had and the love in there face expressed the intense joy and life altering peace you gave with you presents. As I write I am speaking to you directly as I know you are an angel of God and you can see and hear all.God bless you for all you are and all you do...I will see you some day face to face in heaven. I love you JESUS....

in light you were as loveing and careing as our heavenly father.. you brought the world so much love and understanding..your legacy will continue on ,but without you there to guide us faithfuly it will be hard .. u will be forever missed and always in our thoughts, love , and prayers.. always..the ostrander family.. kira ,courtney and, dave..

ERROR ERROR ...AS I realize my last few words said I love you JESUS, I must deeply explain that was a statement to our Lord Jesus Christ as I feel he is standing next to the Pope John Paul.I couldn't close my prayer and toughts without saying I love you to Jesus the son of God.As I write it always ends up in a form of prayer. God knows my heart and now I'm sharing a little with you..

He did help defeat Communism and end the Soviet empire. He did speak up for the downtrodden and persecuted, and spoke against the Iraq war. However, under his papacy women remained second class citizens (Jesus accepted women in his ministry!) and he did frighteningly little about the abuse of children by priests. I am gla his suffering is over; but he could have done far more to move the Church into the 21st century, including recognizing contraception and the role of abortion, at least when the mother's life is endangered or in cases of R*A*P*E (the censor wouldn't let me write the word out!!) or incest. To do other than that is heartless.

The fact that the Pope was such a Marian Pope, I find it more than a coincidence that he passed from this life to the next on the first Saturday of the month, which is, or course, Our Lady's Day. Every saturday is, but the first Saturdays are special. Of all the days in the month, he went to his reward on Our Lady's day. I believe She took him to meet Her Divine Son. WOW!!!

we prayer for our holy father to rest in peace, and to our lord for giving us such a greate leader, now our lord has chosen him, may god hold our holy fathers hand and light his way into heaven ...we pray to you lord amen

I am a lapsed Catholic. I mourn the passing of Pope John Paul II but I rejoice in his life and accomplishments. He made more of a positive difference to the world of any religious leader in the last 3 decades, at least. 500 years from now he will be toasted whether a Saint or not. I completely oppose the use of his name and works by the DeLay/Christian Lite movement. If you agree with me and want a better presentation of this POV go to




Hummm I wonder where you studied Ecclesiatical History? Femaile priests since the 7th Century?

he will be sadly missed he made a impact on life and the world. he is in the heavens know hes not suffering anymore hes in a better place.

Eternal Memory to John Paul, Pope of Rome.
May God grant us a worthy Successor to the See of Peter. May the Holy Catholic Church triumph over all her enemies both within and without.
And may the reign of Jesus Christ come.
Even so come Lord Jesus.
Father, you will your Church to be the sacrament of salvation for all peoples. Make us feel more urgently the call to work for the salvation of all. Inspire the hearts of all your people to continue the saving work of Christ everywhere until the end of the world. Grant this through Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one true and eternal God for ever and ever. Amen.
Act of Faith.
O my God I firmly believe that you are One God in three Divine Persons. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that your Divine Son became man and died for our sins, and that He will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches, because you have revealed them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. Amen and Amen.

Pope John Paul II had the toughest job in the world. First, he was in charge of running one of the largest organizations in history, the vast international Catholic Church. Secondly, and more important, as the successor of St. Peter down through the centuries through the present,he was responsible for maintaning the integrity of Christ's teachings despite heavy criticism by many thousands, including members and leaders of his own church.

Furthermore, he took seriously Christ's mandate to spread the Good News (the gospel) to all nations. He traveled far and wide, at considerable personal risk, to get Christ's message out to the world.

And wherever he went, the pope was enthusiastically welcomed by many thousands who stood in line for hours to be in his presence. These included Catholics who did and did not follow their church's teachings on birth control, divorce and even abortion. The crowds also numbered many more thousands of people who espoused other religious faiths, or none at all.

They just had to see this great pope.

the Pope is deemed to be the most spirtitual of candidates for that position. he is an imperfect man after all and it is evident by his death and suffereing. his deeds and faith as a child of GOD will be remembered and may GOD bless him. i think he is one of the 144 that will serve in HEAVEN.

It is wonderful for pope for 26 years to live longer than other pope. He made wonderful world peace and really missed him and for his poor healthy for his old age. He is peace with God as free and hope next good pope for good one same way Jesus and made people happy theirs lifes different world with spoke their languages and sure loved him so much from family.
It is good news for around worlds to know about pope as great man his life times.God blessing to pope as always.

It really was a sad thing hearing the passing of Pope John Paul.It is amazing how stong he was as a pope and also and how determined to hang in there while he was near his finally hours. he has done so much here on earth and will continue to carry on his mission in heaven.u will be deeply missed..REST IN PEACE..

To the Holy See and all who loved John Paul II.

I am and was so very moved by Pope John Paul II. He represented all that was good and the true meaning of my faith. This man epitomized the meaning of God's love for us all. He is and will be the symbol of the need to both love and forgive all whom we know. No greater follower will or has ever lived than John Paul II. We will miss him, but I know that his spirit is with us still. For it is through his eyes, that we all saw God.
Debra Haskins

May we all learn from John Paul II:

John Paul II walks in the light of God's love.

He showed us the way to be with all.

His life is similar to that carpenter's son that moved the world and saved our souls.

Let us remember John Paul II as our opportunity to see God's love incarnate. This love is in us all if we look to see this.

We must stand with him and therefore stand with God - for he showed us the way to be with all people in the world.

His life retold the lessons that we all need to learn:
He learned early that god's love is always
with you even though he lost his family.
He learned that all religions and faiths must
respect all others - his childhood saw his
Jewish friends taken away in Poland by
He learned that Communism cannot crush the
mighty armies of St. Michael. His
divisions were stronger than any gun.
He learned that all institutions have
problems, but it is through working
together that we can overcome these
His tools were forgiveness, love and the
light of God that shown through his very

We will miss you John Paul II. We know that you serve God now, as you served all of us.

Let your light shine on all of us - so that we too can join you in heaven with God.


We will all miss this pope. He was a diplomate as well as a spriritual leader. I am of an age that I barely remember a time without him. We are all anxious for the coming times

I am not Catholic, rather Catholic-light. Pope John Paul was certainly a great, and kind man, yet not infalliable. Opps sorry! I hope the new pope can do something wonderful for catholics around the world and rid Catholism of "catholic guilt" which has ruined so many lives rather than helped.
I have so many friends that have left the Church now saying "I survived being a Catholic. How sad is that?

I have to say to CT, who will probably never read this, that I recognize the truth is what (s)he writes, though the forum was probably inappropriate. Last week I saw a 15 year old girl in my ER who had been aped-ray by her brother. As part of our care we offered her the "morning after pill" so that she might have a chance of ONE DAY, years from now. Her mother couldn't handle the thought of her taking that unless a priest said it was okay. The priest balked. Having been raised in orthodox Judaism, I know this has nothing to do with belief in "God", but rather has to do with belief in relieving suffering and recognizing when doctrine gets in the way of common sense. For centuries Judaism has been able to turn to its religious leaders to answer such questions, and abortion in the case of incest is allowed in Judaism. I do think this Pope was a great man, and I think the question of pedophilia reared its head too late in his life for him to tackle it. I too hope that the next Pope can stand up to those in the Church that prefer to pretend this does not exist. Making priests choose celibacy simply selects people for the priesthood for whom not being with a woman doesn't seem so bad. How ironic in a religion that calls homosexuality an abomination. It is long past time for some changes that willprotect the innocent.

He is the torch that has been passed on from generation to generation but the Holy Spirit blessed him first by being born on a full solar eclipse and most importantly by allowing him to be the light bearer for the most years in the papal history his light sparked many hearts and minds and brought many young souls to the LOVE of our Saviour Jesus Christ and his blessed Mother Mary. Let us always remember his light for many generations to come.

As I struggle to find the appropriate words to discribe my feelings of lose, I thank Pope John Paul The Great for bringing me closer to the Lord again. How the passing of someone can bring so many closer or back to the graces of the Lord is a miracle in itself.

Its a sad day.....The world has lost a beautiful and loving man....I am not Catholic but i am a christian....He touched my heart and millions of others ....I reflected on that today...How was it that he was so loved????I wanted to know so I could learn to be more like what he was.....And then it hit me .....LOVE FOR ALL REGARDLESS OF RACE,CREED,RELIGION,ETC....he accepted people for who they were....and people respected him and loved him for that..As for me,I am going to work on loving allpeople ...To be more loving seems to be the key....I believe that is all he wanted to teach people...And if some have walked away and learned that lesson ,then bless him for teaching it...I for one have caught that lesson...May You all be blessed with his light of love ....Thank you dear Father for your good and faithful servant..AMEN

Its a sad day.....The world has lost a beautiful and loving man....I am not Catholic but i am a christian....He touched my heart and millions of others ....I reflected on that today...How was it that he was so loved????I wanted to know so I could learn to be more like what he was.....And then it hit me .....LOVE FOR ALL REGARDLESS OF RACE,CREED,RELIGION,ETC....he accepted people for who they were....and people respected him and loved him for that..As for me,I am going to work on loving allpeople ...To be more loving seems to be the key....I believe that is all he wanted to teach people...And if some have walked away and learned that lesson ,then bless him for teaching it...I for one have caught that lesson...May You all be blessed with his light of love ....Thank you dear Father for your good and faithful servant..AMEN

Pope John Paul II was an inspirational pontiff. The light that he shed upon the rest of the world was amazing. His loss is heart-felt and sad, but he is in a better place now. God bless the Pope and may he rest in peace. One of his many acknowledgments was creating the one time monk, Padre Pio into a Saint and what a great day that was. Pope John Paul II, you were loved by all! God Bless!!

I loved him and will miss him. I wonder if anyone can recall him ever saying once when people were questioning church stand, he said, something with I didn't write the book?? Thanks

as i had two new books out about the Holy Grail family (descendants of Jesus) i wrote Pope John Paul and sent him my books (arriving the Wednesday before Easter Sunday 3 / 23)

and asking he review the books and vouch for them
as the Church has the records and knows this story is true (that Jesus had children)

and the next day
there appeared on Italian University website
my books

at this link

(also available online at any online bookstore
as ,, etc)

and while the Vatican takes normally years to do
anything this response was within one day

Many thanks Pope John Paul for working
all along with none of us realizing you were so
deathly ill ...


My friend: Jesus didn't beget any children. Dan Brown made himself a pile of money peddling that lie, so you're a little late to market with that idea.

Today at Church (Methodist) we prayed for the Holy Church and her people, leaders and all to involved with the appointing of a new Pope. It breaks my heart that the Catholic Church is without her earthly leader. Pope John Paul reminded us that no matter how we worshiped, faith in God made us one family and that we need to stand together in order to make our world a better and more Godly place. The world does morn his passing, however, rejoices in his joining the Father and Son in Heaven

Wisdom,courage,insight.just a few of the many things that describe Pope John11,a tough act to follow...he will be missed by many..

Pope John Paul II will always be remebered by my family and I as hope for good things to come. What a blessing he is for us all! We thank God that he gave us this man. We do believe he is right up by our Father in Heaven.

Oh... El Papa, John Paul II, the Karlitos, you are very special and a unique creation of God. I thank the Lord that you are home now. Your pain and agony is over. Enjoy your prize, being in the Light !

I cry not for you. You are in a great place. I cry for me and my fellow human beings. I do not know what I will do without you.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done. You made wonders with your charisma, simpatico, a crusade to let the faith be known, that a Pope is not a figure head but a real life flesh and blood leader.

Thank you for visiting my country. You have witnessed what the tyrant Castro has made our our land, an island that incarcerates and denies freedom. I remember, let Cuba be open to the world, let the World open to Cuba... do not be afraid. Oh... dear, the souls of my countrymen are anesthesized, they do not know how.

Thank you for your sweet disposition. Your approach and empathetic gesture, makes you a man of the people. You have so many wonderful qualities, that even priests have yet to observe, to at least try to emulate you.

I will have a place in my heart always. I will keep praying that my country may some day be free. I hope you can still keep an eye on us.

The example never ended from you. You showed us how to live with ailments and pain. You did not hide. You trembled in front of us. You tried to speak, we listened hard to understand. You knew that your agony would be hard and painful. You decided that medical wizzards were not useful but you did not hasten your death. You took it slowly, endured your purification, it is hard work, but dignified. When the time was due, you transfered your material energy into your soul energy and graduated from human life into heavenly life.

I am priviledged to have lived during your time. I am proud to have known Karlitos, Juan Pablo II, if only through television, newspapers, through internet. No other Pope even bothered to come to us.

My goodbye is only temporary. If I should be so priviledged to go where you went, I would love to meet you and talk to you. If you get permission from the Lord, it would be a pleasure that you stop by my home, at your pleasure. My home, welcomes you.

God knew what he was doing when he gave you life. He made the Catholic church more human, more appealing, more straighforward, more heartening, more caring. I hope your successor clearly understands, that a Pope means more than just a white tunic. The post needs a man with joy to be alive, a gist to enjoy people, love the job and be alert on what mends need to be said.

Mi querido Carlitos, mi Papa, como te voy a extrañar. My eyes have watered several times. I have never done that for any other Pope.

All My Love In Christ, My Older Brother,

I will miss Pope John Paul the II he was a great Pope.

It is wrong to assume he is in Heaven or Hell. We don't know. It is hard to say if St. Pius X will welcome into the Kingdom a man who allowed Modernism to run so crazy in the Church. Does anybody remember Cardinal Law from the Boston sex abuse scandal? The Pope did such a great job dealing with and punishing him. In fact the Pope was so mad and upset that he made him Arch-Priest at a Cathedral in Italy with his own plush apartment. That punishment might be too severe for a person that covers up sex offenders. How about what the Pope did at Assisi? I'm sure Buddah was happy to be worshiped and prayed to in a Catholic Church with the Pope watching. Not to mention all the other pagan gods invoked while the pope blessed the event. I really liked the Pope praying with Jews. Aren't Jews still waiting for the Messiah? I could have sworn the Messiah was Jesus but judging by the Popes behavior I may be wrong. You people that call him a saint need to remember that God will take care of that, not you. Stop playing God. We only know he has gone to stand befor the Just Judge. The pope is Christs Vicar but he is still human. AVE MARIA! GRATIA PLENA! ORA PRO NOBIS PECCATORIBUS!! Pray for the soul of Pope John Paul II.

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