Pontifex novus dicitur amicus felium


No surprise here: B16 is one of us cat people.


Nothing wrong with cat people!

I'm waiting for cynics in the liberal media to suggest that his love of cats will be paraded by Vatican officials to "ease fears that Pope Benedict is a doctrinaire firebrand, and not the kindly, grandfatherly image Church officials so fervently hope to convey."

Curses! They're on to our plot. We'll have to escalate to ducklings and puppies!

No! No! No! I want to be ill! How could you do this to me? This man is meant to be ruthless, without compassion; a psychopath! And you give me stories of sweet old men who collect plates with cat images on them; and feeding stray moggies in Roman church yards!


Nice move in Spain. We can only hope your new NAZI POPE dies quickly
of another brain hemorrhage. Just sickening.


[Note: this comment is hate-spam; it was posted to multiple websites. I'll leave it here to witness against JP on the Last Day if he doesn't repent. --RC]

The hate comments only make my grin wider.

Wanna see my cat? Click below. You won't be sorry. She is really cute!

"JP" has been spamming other comment boxes with this filth as well.

As for Pope Benedict loving cats, that's one more reason for me to love him!

Cute cat, Barbara, with a nice name. I am glad he is an animal lover and more importantly a lover of the good, the true and the beautiful. While not a cat lover myself, the story was sweet.


Of course B16 loves cats; they're Cat-lic, after all. ;-)

In Jesu et Maria,

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