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No, it doesn't really look like this:

But there's a real-life Confession-Mobile in Germany, offering "reconciliation with God and men":beichtmobil.jpgOf course, for the charity Aid to the Church in Need, taking the grace of the sacraments into the marketplace is standard procedure.


That's a pretty long line! Like an Advent or Lent line...

I'm glad to see this, but is this really an original idea? Did not soem of our "home-missionary" priests offer Mass & sacraments in a railroad car across mid-America in the early 20th Century? What can we do now, in our country, to evangelize, as Christ & St. Paul exhorted us"....in the marketplace, the highways & the byways, in season & out of season?"

I've actually said my confession in my own car to a priest I met at random during John Paul's 1999 visit to St. Louis.

There is a Franciscan chapel in the Carousel mall in Syracuse where confessions are heard almost all day on weekdays. I think it's a great idea, bringing Christ to the masses, and the mall is where they're at.

A friend of mine used to say they should start a drive-through confessional. They could call it the "Toot 'n Tell."

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