Isn't this what editors are for?


This could be the worst newspaper sentence I've ever read.

The Curse of the Bambino, that amalgam of jinx, superstition and despair that has dogged the Boston Red Sox for nearly a century, was reduced to just so much human imagining on Wednesday night by a scruffy lot of ballplayers who cared more about their hair than they did about history, except for the kind they were determined to make.

And you might be surprised from whence it comes.


I hope the Red Sox go all the way this year. It will be a good consolation for the people of Massachusetts when their senator's presidential campaign goes up in flames on All Souls Day.

Was the preceding sentence "It was a dark and stormy night"?

Yeah, it's pretty bad. It was OK through the first two-thirds of the sentence, and they should have known when to stop.

Shouldn't that just be "whence it comes"? I always thought "from" was superfluous.

I always thought the sports section was the only well-written part of the Post. It saddens me to think it's now written by the same hacks who work on the front page.

(I stopped reading the Post six years ago and have been missing the sports section, or so I thought.)

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