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One of the enduring mysteries of St. Blog's Parish has been revealed, and quite by accident, it seems. Film writer Barbara Nicolosi has disclosed the name of the anonymous proofreader Nihil Obstat. He's the editor of an anthology of 20th-century Christian poetry. Ah, well, there goes the mystique.

(Via Victor the first.)


Hey, I am like 8-years-older than Mr. Lams.

On the larger scale, you were here first; but w.r.t. St. Blog's Parish, I believe he was.

The funny thing is that both our fathers are named Victor also.

Actually, let me take that back -- I'm not so certain any more. I think Other Victor may have told me (and I can't find the initial note real quick) that "Victor" was the name of an uncle, and his grandfather and previous, but NOT his father.

But *MY* father's name is Victor. Of that I'm certain. Or at least that's what my mom says.

Even with my intense efforts to split infinitives (to the voluminous and unrepentant extent that I am able, of course), my seemingly endless ability to abuse commas, the lengths to which I am able to run sentences on, and my love of participles left dangling - still unable am I to get on Obstat's radar.

I am the stealth blogger...

While it's not on a par with the Secret of Fatima, it's good to know.

How do you KNOW it's not on a par with the Secret of Fatima ... hmmmm???

I'll have to look around when I get home, but I think I have that book. (Distinctive cover, no?) Dipped into it a little, and haven't touched it since.

What? Who?

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