"Cool Conference for Youth and Families"

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Stephen Sanchez, a Catholic Light reader, asked us to post information on this conference. (The text below is taken from the online promotional flier. I have no idea if there will be anyone there who is "cooler than me," though it wouldn't surprise me.)

What: Ars Conference Where: South Bend, IN When: Aug. 7-8, 2004 Who: High School Teens and their Families How Much: $75 with discounts for families

This conference is gonna be sweet! It's named after the Cure of Ars, St. John Vianney and stands for America Returns to the Sacraments. The story goes that the Fr. Vianney was travelling to his first parish assignment (Ars) when he got a little lost. He found two shepherd boys out in a field and he said to them "My sons, show me the way to Ars and I will show you the way to Heaven." So this Conference is all about getting to Heaven, baby!

It's got Matt Smith from the Real World, Fr. Pontifex of Phatmass phame, the Pete Cornelius Band and Fr. Dan Sheidt who is so cool, there just aren't words for him.

Seriously, if you live near South Bend, IN (that means Chi-town all the way to Indy and back up to Cleaveland and around Detroit to Grand Rapids) you should make it a point to be at this Conference. It's gonna be great. I'm gonna be there. And well, a bunch of people cooler than me. Check it out!

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You posted something Catholic related that isn't related to politics in any way. Cool!

I like everything about it except for the name, which is a little embarrassing.

Ok, so the title needs work . . . I didn't come up with it. But embarassing? This I gotta hear . . . is it the "America Returns to the Sacraments" thing or just the Ars thing?


I'm thinking RC means the "Ars thing", since Ars is a homophone for arse.

Now I find it really, really funny . . .

Oh, I don't think ars needs to be cured. Unless it's pigge.

Hey, Coward: you can't say 'homophone' on this blog!

What? Who?

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