Cardinal takes another one in the teeth for the sake of getting along


In this article, I don't agree with Neumayr's assertion that Catholic bishops are Democrats first and foremost. That's completely unfair. He is entitled to his frustration with the bishops' collective squeamishness about the issue of pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Last week Kerry arranged a meeting with Cardinal McCarrick [of Washington] -- a meeting Kerry had the chutzpah to arrange at his home (that plan was scotched after word of it leaked out, forcing the locale to be changed for face-saving reasons). Kerry called for the meeting to ensure that the pliant cardinal would keep the lid on the boiling pot of lay Catholic outrage. Unknown at the time, there was an added element of chutzpah to the meeting: At the very moment Kerry was chatting with the cardinal, his campaign team was preparing to roll out a pro-abortion advertising blitz. It appeared on television stations nationwide this week.

"The Supreme Court is just one vote away from outlawing a woman's right to choose. George Bush will appoint anti-choice, anti-privacy justices. But you can stop him. Help elect John Kerry and join the fight to protect our right to choice. Contribute now at Call or log on now," says the ad, Kerry's can-rattling pitch to the deep-pocketed abortion lobby.

When someone kicks you in the teeth and mocks you -- and you're one of the princes of the Church -- isn't it appropriate to get a little angry on behalf of the Church? Not to mention the one whose body the Church is? When are the successors of the apostles realize that when you bend over backwards to accomodate them, your enemies despise you for your spinelessness. If they won't condemn men like Senator Kerry of behalf of their own office, won't they at least stand up for the honor of God?


Not to be too disrespectful to the cardinal, but as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool to his folly.

I'm not saying that McCarrick is an outright fool, but that we all, in varying degrees, still do foolish things, in essence, lapping up the crap that we once swore to ourselves to stop doing.

For Cardinal McCarrick, it is the blind hope that a little reasonable discourse with John Kerry might bring the wandering sheep back to the fold.

It's not going to happen. Kerry's without shame. He'll push it as far as he can. He's gotten away with it so far, too. One has to wonder just what is Cardinal McCarrick's problem RE standing up for the church. He's supposed to be capable of that, as a cardinal, you know.

I believe that the Cardinal has little idea of how to lead and that he lacks confidence in himself and his faith. It is a real tragedy that a priest can be put in a postion of responsibility where the potential to do so much good abounds and it is waisted.

What? Who?

On life and living in communion with the Catholic Church.

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