Terri is doing fine, her parents are good people

This will be my last update from the vigil until after the baby is born, as Sonya is pretty close to going into labor and the doctors have asked us to stick close to home. Terri's parents are among the kindest and most decent people I have ever met. Before we left to return home, Terri's father took us aside and asked if he could speak with us because he had heard from some of the nurses and paramedics at the vigil (the ones on our side) that Sonya looked like she was only a few days away from labor. He was concerned we might try and sneak up to the vigil between now and then.

To be honest, this wasn't an unreal possibility since the hospital is about half-way between where we live and the hospice where Terri is staying. Nevertheless, Mr. Schindler said: "As a father, I'm here for my baby. We really appreciate your prayers and support, but you two need to be there for your baby now. We know you're with us in prayer. But please come back with the baby as soon as you're rested and able to travel." I mention this because it is typical of the wisdom and compassion one finds with Terri's parents. Even as they undergo such a tremendous cross, they show great consideration in generosity in wanting to make sure we weren't neglecting our own family needs for the sake of theirs. Needless to say, we were stunned. "How could they even worry about us at a time like this?" Sonya asked. For my own part, I don't think I could be this self-less if that was my daughter in the hospice. However, this is just one example that reveals the character of Terri's family.

1) According to Terri's family, who visited her yesterday, it looks like her condition is much improved. The color has returned to her face, she does not look so gaunt, and she's responding to her family's presence and attempting to communicate with them. It is impossible to know for sure, because Michael Schiavo is now reportedly denying Terri's family access to her medical records under the Medical Privacy Act. Again, Terri's family expresses their appreciation to everyone for our prayers and the rosaries.

2) Fr. Rob was out there yesterday. He spent most of the day with Terri's parents, which allowed Monsignor to attend to a number of doctors appointments he had been putting off as well as get some rest. We spent some time together at the vigil, and he will try and update us whenever he can. Both Monsignor and Terri's family are very grateful for his presence, especially since given Monsignor's age, these three-hour nights are taking their toll on his health. Fr. Rob sends along his greetings.

3) It was also Mr. Schindler's birthday yesterday. So we all sang him happy birthday just before he and his family went in for their evening visit with Terri.

4) If you listened in to the mainstream media on the ground, most of the reporters are actually quite sympathetic to Terri. This wasn't the case when they arrived, but they're becoming more sympathetic every day. What's really interesting is watching them fight with the producers and the suits back in the head office over how the report is edited and spun. For this reason, some of the big news stations are starting to rotate their news teams after a couple days, while others are getting an earful as the reporters become increasingly less docile when asked to re-spin their report.

The one exception, of course, seems to be Fox News which is simply allowing their crews to call it as they see it. In fact, I spent a few minutes with the Fox crew yesterday, and thanked them for their unbiased reporting. (Okay, so they aren't perfect, but they're doing a better job than the rest of the television networks.) That being said, the other reporters are not nearly as biased as they are made to look on air, and we may possibly see a press revolt before too long.

5) Although the networks (I will not longer say press) continue to present Terri as a vegetable or in coma, from the descriptions of those I have spoken with who visited her, as well as from the video footage, etc. she actually ressembles someone with Cerebral Palsey. In fact, if you weren't a lawyer or a doctor familiar with the history of her situation, you would probably conclude that this is what she has. I mention this because while Cerebral Palsey patients require a lot of assistance, most of us would be appalled if someone tried to murder them through starvation and dehydration.

6) I am grateful to everyone for your prayers and assistance in keeping everyone updated. Yet there's a particular individual who is consistently and faithfully in the right place when I need his help, but always in the wrong place when it comes time to expressing my gratitude. This individual is Karl Maurer, a fellow regular contributor at the Wanderer. Anytime I need to reach someone from the vigil but don't have their number on me, I'm on the cell phone to Karl who either looks up the number for me or emails the individual in question. He also keeps a pretty large distribution list going through the Catholic Media Coalition, and has faithfully gotten action alerts out within seconds. Thanks Karl, it is greatly appreciated.

7) On that note, here's a sample letter Karl wrote:

To: Mr. Roosevel Freeman
Office of Civil Rights
District Office in Atlanta
PHONE: 404 562-7886


Dear Mr. Freeman:

I am writing to ask that your office take immediate steps to remove Terri Schindler Schiavo from the care and guardianship of her husband Michael, who is currently under investigation for spousal abuse and criminal neglect.

Your immediate attention to this matter would be appreicated, as Mr. Schiavo has repeatedly attempted to have his wife killed. This email complaint is being filed in lieu of formal documents due to the critical nature of Terri's case.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


Karl Maurer

Karl J Maurer CPA
[Snail Mail Address]

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