It seems there are a lot of Church reform retool restore replace revive rebuild rehab groups popping up these days.

Has anyone thought of writing up and profiling these start-ups and up-starts and posting the list online? I mean in a non-biased way - just stating the facts and letting readers decide for themselves if they are nuttier than something that is chock full o' nuts. That would be a good project for someone with a bit time on their hands. Actually if you are reading this and in one of those groups please email me some info and I'll try to pull this together. Contact info and URL would be ideal. If you know of any other groups please email me.

I am asking about this because I posted a link to Catholics for Authentic Reform without really looking into their ecclesiastical shtick. I'm not knocking them, I just didn't have time to look and I should have. I want to be a bit more careful in the future and make sure I am not linking to Kreative Katholic Koncepts (thanks for that phrase, Alexandra!), The Peoples' Front of Rome, the Roman Peoples' Front, Catholics for the Liberation of Space Cabbage, or some such group. More on this later.

And if we must rate them we'll use the following scale:

Does not contain nuts
May contain nuts
Slighty nutty bouquet with fruity overtones
Somewhat nutty and fruity
Flaky and nutty
Exceedingly fruity and nutty
Nuttier than a cheese log

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