Where your treasure is, there you shall find your heart

Where would you like your heart buried? Apparently it used to be a grand romantic gesture to ship it off someplace else when you die. That's why Chopin's heart is in a church in Warsaw, while the rest of him's in France.

This sort of thing is out of fashion now, but maybe it'll make a comeback, at least as this week's animal-rights stunt (last week's having gone nowhere). PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk wants to give animals her last full measure of devotion by having her body cooked and recycled into protest props, but she wants to save her heart for use in an homage to auto racing. There's a country song in here somewhere: bury my heart with Pennzoil, but roast me with A-1.

By the way, since "pet" is not the politically correct term for a companion animal, why does her group still have such a retrograde name?

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