Apostolic Schools vs. Vatican II vs. Hockey

The blogger Bonum, Verum, Pulchrum sounds like someone I would normally enjoy sharing a beer with. We both like Gregorian Chant, have served in the Canadian Forces, are critical of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, share a distaste for Gangsta Rap, and are big literary admirers of JRR Tolkien. As a Northerner, I can tolerate him being from southern Ontario if he promises to keep quiet about the spring bear hunt. (Unless he supports us, in which case I’m all ears.)
However, Monsieur Bonum reveals a serious flaw in his character when he proclaims himself an unrepentant fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. For American readers, this is Canada’s equivalent to cheering for the Buffalo Bills.
For non-sports fans, Leafs fans are hockey’s equivalent to Regnum Christi members. We’re not actually sure if they’re fans of the sport. They’re always making excuses for their team’s poor performance, either by diverting the discussion to individual Leaf players or by slagging everyone else’s team. (Just substitute Montreal Canadiens for Jesuits and even the conspiracy theories match.)
So it pains me to be a good sport when it comes to theological insights proffered by a Laughs’ fan. However, Monsieur Bonum has done an excellent job contrasting the alleged practices of the Legion’s apostolic schools with the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. I encourage every concerned parent to read his entry by clicking here.
In the interest of fair play, I’ll omit the “SHUT. IT. DOWN” tag for this blog. There’s no hope of making the playoffs when you’re trailing every other team in the league except the Edmonton Oilers by at least eight points.