Stop the spam, Fr. Pavone.

Yes. Fr. Frank Pavone is a spammer. And, believe me, as an internet user, that is a serious accusation.

It puts him among the banes of internet life, pumping out unwanted e-mail into mailboxes of people who never requested it. Pumping it into e-mail addresses that couldn’t have requested it, because they send no outgoing e-mail. His organization sends its messages out into people’s e-mail boxes, interfering with their work, taking up their time, and annoying them.

I will not donate one penny to your organization Priests for Life or to any organization you run as long as you keep doing this.

And don’t tell me that I can unsubscribe the affected e-mail address. The “unsubscribe” action on his web site has zero effect. I’ve used it for more than one e-mail address, and it never has an effect. When I called the PFL office, the staffer who spoke to me told me that the request had to go to some particular office that maintains the data, and it might take some weeks to take effect. How charmingly naive.

A message to whoever made up that story: YOU LIE.

Fr. Pavone, you have responsibility for what the organization does, and until you stop spamming, I have one word for you: Repent.

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