Have they discovered Google yet at the Vatican?

I got an e-mail today from catholic-hierarchy.org, that helpful web site that tracks the appointments, transfers, and retirements of bishops, using the announcements from the Holy See as their data source.
The news is that a coadjutor bishop has been appointed for the see of San Diego. That should be good news.
But when I looked up the name of the new bishop with a web search, this article appeared near the top of the listing:
“Cirilo Flores Rarely Pursued Discipline of Molesting Priests While Serving on Important Church Board”
Now, from reading the piece, it’s clear that the article isn’t written from an unbiased perspective, and it doesn’t give both sides of the story. But the existence of such an article means that the new coadjutor is guaranteed to get bad press at the least; at worst, he might not be a suitable appointment.
So it deserves investigation before he gets appointed to San Diego. It makes me wonder whether the responsible parties of the Congregation for Bishops are even thinking to run an internet search before they send a name to the Holy Father.


  1. It was so wonderful to come across your site again after a couple years. I found your writings (and the writings of Pete Vere) so helpful when I was transitioning out of RC. Interestingly, I ended up ‘rebounding’ into another cult-like group, and this caused me to discern that perhaps I had a weakness that was leading me to groups with similar qualities. I am writing a series on my experience right now and wanted to share it with you (and your readers, if they would be interested)… I am also interested in your posts on Medjugorie… Anyway, thank you for writing, and keep up the good work!!! I will be linking to your blog… Many blessings ~shalimamma

  2. Thanks, shalimamma. You might like to start posting your writings on a free blog service like blogspot.com or wordpress.com. When you have a few segments of the series posted, let us know, and people can link over to see it.

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