Corapi’s game

Looks like John Corapi wants to start a new career in media and public speaking. I don’t know if this means anything, but Matt Swaim noticed the other day that Corapi’s Twitter account is “following” only one other user: Fox News. Mark Shea says that the priest wants to become Sean Hannity with a deeper voice.
Should we start a pool on how soon he’ll get a talk radio show?
Incidentally, I’m thinking it might be best for the Church if he doesn’t get to walk away from his vows. No dispensation, no laicization. And maybe even throw in an order against public speaking or publishing for money.
Reason #1: If he’s going to play hardball and interfere with the Church’s investigation (by demanding that former employees comply with non-disclosure contracts), he shouldn’t get any unjustified favors.
Reason #2: Besides, he hasn’t presented a persuasive reason to waive his vows.
Reason #3: That is, he hasn’t been found guilty of an offense. Not yet, at least.
Reason #4: Can you imagine how Pope John Paul II would regard a laicization request from someone he ordained personally?
Reason #5: If he’s going to insist on starting a new media/speaking career, let him not pretend that the Church approves of his abandonment of his vows.


  1. In my opinion, he is guilty of one sin: PRIDE. He is so full of himself, I’m not sure how he is a Christian, let alone Catholic. If he’s out of priesthood, then I say: good riddance!

  2. I listened to Krester in the afternoon yesterday and the audio speech sounded, high pitched, like a single sideband signal not zeroed in ???
    How do I fix that ? I was using the Rapsody System
    It would also be nice if you had a speller checker for the comment section.
    Bud Atkinson 505-400-2676

  3. Hm. Nobody’s ever asked for a spell-checker for comments before! Of course, you can spell-check using a word processor on your own computer before you post the comment.
    I can’t offer any advice on the audio problem you had with Kresta’s show. I’m not an expert on that.

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