No “love” lost in Cleveland

Bishop Richard Lennon of Cleveland has issued a letter and decree about some false mystical messages promoted in the Cleveland area, declaring the alleged messages “not supernatural in origin”, and forbidding the faithful to gather at the “Holy Love Ministries” site for any religious purpose.
Link: Diocesan website. Also, a 1999 caution from the diocese on the matter. [Sorry, the link is broken now.]
(Hat tip To Wendy Cukierski for the news.)
UPDATE (8 pm): For those who (like me) don’t know much of the history of this affair, here’s a summary of the story from an unusual web site: it presents “reviews” of apparition web sites. [NB: I don’t agree with some of the anonymous author’s opinions about other subjects, but on apparitions, he’s doing some good work.]
The story of Mrs. Sweeney Kyle takes a weird turn when she dumps her husband ’cause he doesn’t believe in her apparitions: hm!
UPDATE II (22 November): The “caution” statement linked above makes an interesting point: the group told diocesan officials that it was an ecumenical group and not subject to the authority of the Catholic Church. That, whether the group realized it or not, was a declaration of schism. Schism consists of the refusal of submission to the local ordinary or to the Pope. They qualified!


  1. Good for the Church, and good for the Truth!
    I read the following in Bishop Lennon’s decree:
    “Having been directed by the Holy See to act definitively in the matter of the alleged apparitions…”
    And I recall that recently a Reuters blog quoted Cardinal Vinko Puljic thusly, re Medjugorje and the Holy See’s position on it:
    “We are now awaiting a new directive…” and “I am going to Rome in November and we must discuss this.”
    hmmm…’tis the season…?

  2. Long overdue!!!
    The Greatest Miracle given revealed to the Catholic Faith is our Holy Eucharist! Why would any Catholic need more than this?
    Once this group decided that the Bishops were bad, the Pope was bad, and they alone could decide and discern Truth, they became the very thing they said that they were preaching against.
    Pride is the culptrit of ALL Protest-ants.
    Praise be Jesus Christ and the great Bishop of Cleveland! Thank you for your courage.

  3. Thanks for the link to the apparition site review…interesting. I’ve already started getting flamed on my first post on the condemnation by Bishop Lennon, and am completely shocked that so many people have been taken in by the ridiculousness of this thing!

  4. COMMENTARY 11/22/2009
    Greetings! I am a practicing Catholic and I was saddened to hear about the November 11, 2009, Decree from the Bishop of the Cleveland Diocese concerning Holy Love Ministries.
    I agree that it is important to be obedient to the Bishop concerning Church matters. But also, I am a firm believer that all Bishops and Priests and Laity should engage intensely in prayer and fasting before they make final decisions especially, concerning Divine Providence’s intervention on earth.
    In my humble opinion, Maranatha Spring and Shrine and home of Holy Love Ministries is one of the greatest gifts given to this generation of people for the saving of souls and especially, the unborn child. Also, it is where the Mysteries of the Revelation of the United Hearts of JESUS and MARY are being revealed.
    Sadly, what concerns me the most about this situation is the lack of attention towards the content of the 35,000 plus Messages received at the Holy Love Site. I have read many of the Messages over the past several years and they have never once deterred me from attending Holy Mass, Confession, receiving Holy Eucharist or praying the Holy Rosary, etc.
    Holy Love Messages do not detract from TRUTH nor persuade souls to leave the Church. Consequently, they help to provide clarity and understanding of Holy Scripture, improves the appreciation for receiving of the Holy Sacraments,deepens a loving relationship with the Holy Blessed Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary, and thy Neighbor. What is most astounding about these Messages are the accuracy of TRUTH that cannot be denied by the reader.
    However, Jesus informs us that one must pray to receive the gift of Holy Discernment,in order to discern good from evil. Unfortunately, not all people have this gift. Although, we are baptized and confirmed, at some point in our Christian life, this does not guarantee the gift of proper discernment especially, if the soul is not in the state-of-grace.
    Sadly, all over the internet there are too many proclaimed Theologians who are happy to hear of the demise concerning true private revelation around the world. Moreover, it is astounding how boldly some souls state their Theology credentials and authority, while misinterpreting Holy Scripture.
    I see too many bloggers with educated assumptions, lacking greatly in spiritual wellness. If they are awaiting for proof to not believe in private revelation, they are getting their wish sooner than they think.
    However, there will come a day when all of us shall receive the merciful gift of the “Illumination of Conscious”. When that day comes, every soul will be shown the true state of their soul before the Eternal Eye of GOD. Saint Paul received his illumination when he least expected it.
    So don’t worry….the day of the JUST JUDGE-JESUS CHRIST is coming to everyone. So,there is no need, at this time, to point fingers, accuse thy neighbor or bash holy sites.
    For Jesus tells us, those people who falsely accuse and mislead souls from the TRUTH will be shown what they have done to the world and how many souls have perished because of their lack of Holy Love. Also, Jesus forewarns us not to judge our neighbor for to do so will place our own soul in great jeopardy.
    We cannot participate in GOD’S DIVINE PLAN , if TRUTH is constantly being denied its rightful place. Although, the Apostolic Church has always been the foundation of our existence as Christians, the TRUTHS of our Faith are well documented in the Nicene/Apostle Creed. Thankfully, Prophets are given to each generation!
    I believe that GOD is always, in charge, and will provide for the Children of Israel,in each generation, abundance of grace on any speck of land of HIS choosing.
    The HOLY SPIRIT is well and alive among GOD’s People in the (True Church). We are all ecumenically, members of the Body of Christ and where JESUS and BLESSED VIRGIN MARY dwell, so does the HOLY SPIRIT!
    Little Soul

  5. “Little Soul” writes:
    what concerns me the most about this situation is the lack of attention towards the content of the 35,000 plus Messages
    That is an unreasonable statement, since Bishop Lennon made plain in his decree that he had “reviewed the theological content of the alleged apparitions and locutions to Maureen Sweeney Kyle and having consulted an expert in this matter”, before declaring his judgment that the alleged apparitions were not supernatural in origin.
    However, Little Soul doesn’t like the conclusion and refuses to believe that the bishop considered the messages. This is ostrich-like denial.
    As it happens, I’ve heard Bishop Lennon speak: he used to be an auxiliary here in Boston, and based on his logical temperament and considerable intelligence, I have every confidence that his evaluation of the alleged messages was prudent and balanced.
    One doesn’t even need to be a bishop to see problems in the messages. Layman Ron Conte made some apt observations on his web site, including pointing out false predictions, theological absurdities, and strange devotional practices.

  6. I have been reading the Holy Love messages for over a year now, and have been to the shrine. I have met the many wonderful friendly and helpful staff, volunteers and pilgrims there.
    I can say from a personal experience, that these messages have made me a more devout follower of Jesus and Mary. These messages and my experiences at the shrine have given me the joyful renewed desire to love God and my neighbor even more ardently than I have before. The peaceful atmosphere within the grounds is conducive to inner reflection and contemplation. The total strangers I have met there exuded love, humility, patience, tolerance and joy. The presence of the Divine seemed to be in every bit of space there. If only the world were more like this shrine of Holy Love!
    I am so surprised to learn that people are attacking this peaceful loving and humble ministry.

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