What to tell the Apostolic Visitator

One of the big questions readers ask in private emails is the following: What should I tell the apostolic visitator?
Only you know the answer to this question. This is because your experience with the Legion of Christ (LC) and Regnum Christi (RC) is uniquely yours. While there is much validity to the allegation that the LC/RC takes a “cookie cutter” approach to formation, you remain an individual uniquely created by God.
Having said that, here’s what I suggest if you’re still stuck for words:
1 – Pray first, to the Holy Spirit and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom.
2 – Tell the truth, all of it, sticking closely to your experience.
3 – Note any of the following 20 signs of trouble within a religious movement, providing examples that you witnessed. (Click here and scroll down).


  1. I suggest also that the truth be told with as much fact and as little emotion as possible. I am not LC or RC but OSB so i do not have direct experience with LC or RC. The more facts that the Visitator has, the more clear his job will become. This unfolding saga about the LC/RC really makes me sad, for the participants and also for the victims.

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