Giving credit where it’s due

Wow! I’d better take my temperature. Hugo Chavez, that anti-Catholic tinpot Commie dictator-wannabe, is saying something that sounds laudably sensible!
Apparently some Venezuelans have turned plastic surgeries into routine quinceañera gifts, an idea which is, on the CL scale of foolishness, “nuttier than a cheese log”. Hugo agrees with me.
Good job, Hugo! I’m sending a whole “peace sign” your way today; usually, I’m only willing to give you half.

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  1. Well, as for the 1/2 peace sign–I always figured it depended on how good your marital relations are. I prefer to wish migraines on people rather than the joys of a marital interlude.
    Either that or I pray a Hail Mary for them, especially if they’re Protestant. ;^)

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